Layla Grace

Layla Grace

I only found out about Layla a few weeks ago and strangely enough, from my husband who has been following her story on Twitter. Layla, just a mere 2 1/2 years old, died from cancer early this morning.

As I read the Twitter feed and the blog posts my heart just broke in a million pieces. No child, no parent should ever have to endure what Layla endured. If ever there was an angel on earth it was her. The purpose: to tell a story. To bring hope. To remind moms and dads all over the world to cherish and love your children. To remind everyone that our time here is short and to live every day to the fullest.

After hearing of Layla’s passing, I’ve been in a funk all day. My heart heavy, I went to pick up Jack from daycare. Greeted with a huge and awesome smile, he ran up to me full speed and gave me the biggest hug and kiss. It made my whole day. The hubs ended up having to work a little longer then expected tonight, so it was just the two of us. We had a great time running around the house, dancing to Lady Gaga, splashing around during bathtime and I made it a point to spend a little extra time snuggling before bedtime.

I’ll be the first one to confess that I complain a lot about the little things. Layla helped me put things into perspective. Today, my heart and my prayers belong to Layla, her mommy and daddy, and her sisters. May they find peace in their hearts and know how even in a very short time, the impact she had on so many lives. Whether it was for childhood cancer awareness or even just being a reminder to give you babies an extra kiss and to just plain slow down to smell the roses.

Be at peace Layla.

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