What is Going On?

What is Going On?

I am just a cluster of emotions in announcing that our dear friends had their baby this past Friday. Baby Liam was born just shy of the 32 week mark- he is 3lbs 9oz and thankfully, breathing all on his own. So tiny! So precious! I want to be happy for my friends but I am sure they are so very scared right now. I saw her post on Facebook that she is home without Liam. It made me so sad- if I could’ve reached through the computer to give her a hug, I would have. Sounds to me like Liam is a big fighter and I’m sure he’ll do just fine but still sending out so many prayers.

Also over the weekend, my dad went into the hospital as he was having chest pains. Everything turned out to be just fine, but it dawned on me that I’m getting to that age where my parents are no longer invincible or immortal. His situation is a reminder of how important diet and exercise is and that the benefits are more than just being skinny, but overall effect your entire health and well-being. I almost lost my mom a couple times when I was a kid, once to a kidney defect and the other to cervical cancer. I’m no stranger to parental medical issues, but it still scares me and bothers me.

Speaking of health and fitness… I’ve been a crazy woman lately. I’m a bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding. I thought I had until at least May or June before I’d be fitted in a bridesmaid’s dress. I was wrong. I have ONE MONTH. So, I’ve chosen a rather difficult and in my world, nearly impossible goal of losing 10lbs and 1 dress size. I’ve been at the gym a ton over the past week and am following WeightWatchers religiously. Hopefully this week I’ll see more than the measly 1/2 lb loss that I saw this past week. Ugh! Going back to the gym though… I have a few pet peeves:

  1. The locker room. I get it. The place where you get changed, shower, take a hot tub or steam room and at some point have to flash a little bit of nudity. Is it really necessary to walk around buck? Put a towel on! The other day, I turned the corner and low and behold: naked woman with her FOOT UP ON THE BENCH showing off all her old girly goodies slathering lotion on. WTF. Do some people have no shame? Or then there is the person who picks the locker right next to yours. Really? There are like a thousand others and you pick the one right next to me. OR the person who hangs out in the locker room- just sitting there reading or playing with their cell phone. Privacy please!! 
  2. Not cleaning off the equipment after you’re done using it. Gross. Do I really want to touch your sweaty treadmill? Take 30 seconds and wipe it down. Lazy. 
  3. Speaking of lazy… what is with the people who will sit and wait for the parking spot up front? You’re at the GYM. Park a little further away and WALK. 
  4. I am all about my personal space when it comes to Group Fitness classes. My class on Saturday is very popular and packed. Getting there early to secure a spot for your step in the back or by a wall is hugely important (easy water access for us major out of shape folk). Don’t squeeze your step in somewhere where it is obvious you will plow over your neighbor if you make even the slightest mistake and go right instead of left. Or then there is the person at Cardio Kickboxing that stands RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. I’m in the back row. I can’t go back any further. I am going to get kicked. It is inevitable. 
  5. The super ultra-skinny girls in the cute outfits. I know, I know…  you’re hot. We all see that. Now can you just throw on a t-shirt and sweats like the rest of us? 

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