Being American

Being American

Most people who know me know that I am a quiet Republican. I don’t get too bogged down in the debates that are out there and I don’t like to start arguments. I do know that I believe strongly in American freedom. I do know that I don’t want the government taking over so many aspects of my life- one important one being Health Care. I have said it before and I will say it again, I do not want anyone to dictate who, where and how I receive my medical care. I don’t want to be forced into a government health plan with government rules. I agree there needs to be changes, but not the ones that are being proposed today. I have a LOT of liberal friends. When I say a LOT I mean, I am a minority amongst my friends as a conservative. They talk a lot of shit. They show no action.

Like I said, I’m not the most verbal when it comes to politics. But when I believe in something, I say something. I also know that we should tell the people we vote into office how we feel, serving as proof how we as Americans really feel about the issues (as opposed to some of the ridiculous polls that are out there). I recently signed a petition and sent e-mails voicing my disdain with the current health care bill that is on the table. I was very happy to receive this response back (I received nothing from the Dem leaders… just sayin’). I know this is probably a stock response, but it is a response nonetheless and it is nice to know that someone is listening. So SPEAK UP people!! If you hate this bill as much as I do, don’t sit there and whine about it,  SAY SOMETHING! 


March 18, 2010

Dear Mrs. Koenig:

Knowing of your concern regarding the government takeover of health care, I wanted to update you on developments related to the health care debate in the House of Representatives. 

As you may know, House Democratic leadership has decided to utilize an arcane procedural maneuver to protect Democrat lawmakers who are voting for health care over the objection of their constituents. Named the “Slaughter Rule” after House Rules Committee Chairwoman Louise Slaughter (D-NY), this tactic would “deem” the Senate health care bill passed by the House, without a vote, upon passage of the Reconciliation legislation. 

The American people have made it abundantly clear they do not want this massive government takeover of health care.  That is why Democrats feel compelled to resort to gimmicks to force this bill through the House. 

As reported by the Washington Post, Speaker Pelosi clarified her true feelings on the Slaughter Solution: “I like it,” she said, “because people don’t have to vote on the Senate bill.” 

As a retired Colonel in the Marine Corps and now a Member of Congress, I have spent my career supporting and defending the Constitution.  Article I, Section 7 of the United States Constitution explicitly states that all legislation should be subject to a vote with the yeas and nays recorded.  Accordingly, I cosponsored a resolution (H.Res. 1188) that would prevent the Speaker from bypassing an up-or-down vote on the health care bill. 

Please be assured I will continue to fight against a government takeover of health care.  While we need health care reform, it is more important to get it right than to get it done right away.  As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have.


Member of Congress

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