Leave Katherine Heigl Alone!

Leave Katherine Heigl Alone!

Lately, Katherine Heigl has taken a beating in the blogosphere. Okay, so we all heard the rumors that she was exhibiting all kinds of diva behavior on the set of Grey’s and made some disparaging comments about her Grey’s “story” after turning down an Emmy nomination. That, I get, and rightfully roll my eyes thinking “STFU.”

However, in recent news it has come up that she is leaving Grey’s and her reason: to spend more time with her beautiful, adopted daughter, Naleigh. In the next breath, bloggers are attacking her for being seen out without her daughter! I can pretty much say without a doubt that these bloggers do not have kids. Because, guess what? Yes, we committed, hard-working or SAHM’s DO actually leave the house sometimes *gasp* without our kids. I will even admit to relishing in those moments of Mommy Alone Time. God forbid that Naleigh might have been home with her daddy or *gasp* a nanny. Shit. If I could afford a nanny, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

Here’s the deal. I do find Katherine Heigl as an actress a little douchey. As a mother, amazing. Giving that litter girl a home is wonderful. Leaving a very crazy job to be able to spend more time with her? Even more amazing. I give her a lot of credit for stepping away from the oh-so-lucrative Grey’s machine. Just because she officially stepped off the series for her daughter does NOT mean she needs to be with her 24/7 so I say, give Katie a break! Being a mama is not easy and stealing even a moment away is sometimes necessary.

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