Rantalicious Friday

Rantalicious Friday

This week has triggered all kinds of things for me to rant about. Think of this like many posts in one.

1) Kate Gosselin on Dancing With The Stars. What a bitch! How on earth did she not get voted off?? I was supremely uncomfortable watching her go off on her poor partner. Dude totally does not deserve that abuse. She totally sucks dancing-wise as well so I have no idea who is voting for her out there.

2) Strep B online discussion. Innocently enough, in one of my many online communities, someone mentioned that they were Strep B positive. She had some concerns and asked what others’ experiences were. In comes earth mommy. Earth mommy is the one that begs everyone not to vaccinate and continues to stand by the theory that they cause Autism despite that fact that it is being debunked OVER and OVER (even by Jenny McCarthy- the “face” of the vaccine/autism debate). She only believes in homeopathic remedies for things. In other words she’s going to be a mom just like Daniel Hauser’s mom- believing that something other than modern medicine can treat/cure cancer. Pardon me while I insert my eye roll here. I’m pretty passionate about Group B. I’ve posted about it before. My sister had it and her OB told her she wouldn’t need to be treated for it since she was having a C-Section. 2 weeks after my nephew was born, he was rushed to the hospital- he had meningitis. He nearly died. She passed on Strep B to him at some point during the C-Section. Antibiotics for both her and Miles would’ve taken care of this issue. I was Strep B positive as well. I had antibiotics. It was a non-issue. Both me and my son happen to be perfectly fine and healthy post antibiotics. It just infuriates me that anyone would even THINK of chancing it or encouraging them not to be treated during labor. Just stupid. Stupid Stupid Stupid.

3) Am I a Bad Mommy? My little man has been sick. For a couple months now. The never-ending cold/cough/nose/ear combo. Last weekend was the pinnacle- he reached a fever of 103.7. Cue mommy getting worried and scared. Then goo started coming out his eyes. We made a trip to see his ENT and it turns out he had a really bad sinus infection. One that was likely there for awhile (thus the constant cough, not to mention a rare bloody nose occurrence a month ago). I feel awful. Like I should’ve seen it before, that I shouldn’t have let it get so bad. He went to see a pediatrician twice! They didn’t think of this? It has been a totally frustrating time- and again, and I should know this by now, always trust my mommy instincts. I knew something wasn’t right, I should’ve insisted on him being seen. Insisted they think of other reasons for him coughing for so long. Just because it isn’t pneumonia doesn’t mean it isn’t something else! He’s on antibiotics now and is doing much better. Thank god. As I hang my head in shame.

4) My struggling musician friends. I have a friend and she is without question one of the most talented people I have ever known in my lifetime. In her quest to be a musician, her and her husband struggle financially (he is also a struggling musician). If there is one thing that bothers me more is when musicians EXPECT opportunities to fall in their laps. No auditions. No hard work. No working the pavement. No networking with industry contacts. Do they reserve the right to complain that they haven’t made it and struggle financially if they don’t do the work behind it? Why am I ranting about this today? I sent said friend an opportunity to send music in for a contest to open for Bon Jovi at 4 of their concerts throughout the country. Her response? “They make fun of me for even speaking of Bon Jovi.” Leave it up to struggling musicians to turn their noses up at Bon Jovi (one of the most successful bands in rock history mind you). My response: WHO CARES ABOUT BON JOVI- can you say exposure? The chance to play in front of tens of thousands of people? Networking with big wigs? I guess if all they want to do is play in dive clubs and bars FOR FREE then that is their own choice. However, don’t complain that you don’t get any breaks. My husband and I don’t bring home the money we do by sitting on our asses being complacent. We work hard. We speak up. We take risks. So my lesson of the day? Keep my mouth shut. Why bother?

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