The Best Mother’s Day

The Best Mother’s Day

There is one thing as a Mom I will never do: take a single moment for granted.

Last year was my first Mother’s Day with my new little boy. What Mother’s Day was for me last year was indeed a celebration. Some relaxation at the spa. A little me time. Some time with my family. It certainly had its own place of wonder in my life.

This year, was also a celebration; however, I didn’t celebrate alone. I spent it with my husband. His sister came up to spend the weekend hanging out with Jack and we got to spend some very critical, necessary time together. It was a blast. Saturday night we had dinner and drinks. Lots of drinks. He also took me to the Twins game- while going to the game wasn’t a surprise, the seats were! They were awesome. Here is a taste:

Joe Mauer. Nuff Said

Me & The Hubs- Target Field

I really had an amazing weekend. Of course spending some much needed alone time with my husband is definitely my idea of a great Mother’s Day, but sorry honey, the pinnacle of my weekend came when I walked in the door after coming home from the game and my little boy yelled “MOMMY” and ran up to me a gave me a huge hug. It was, quite simply, the most amazing gift I will ever receive. I will never forget the first Mother’s Day that I got to hear my son call me Mommy.

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