Forever and a Day (Always)

Forever and a Day (Always)

As I sit here relaxing on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I am also watching my son nap peacefully on his little cot here in the living room. I have his lullabies cranking through iTunes and probably my most favorite lullaby, ever, came on.

One thing about being a mommy that will never get old is that swelling in my heart that I get when I think about Jack, see him or when I hear Jewel’s version of this song:

Forever And A Day (Always)

Verse 1:
The other day you asked me to
Tell you how much I love you.
Oh but words so often fail,
To describe the depth and scale,
and even though it may sound cliche,
I’ll tell you know it my simple way.

My love is as true as the oceans are blue,
and I always feel this way.
Just listen to the beating that keeps repeating.
My heart wants to say
Like Gala and Dali, it’s you and me,
Forever and a day.
Forever and a day,

Verse 2:
You watch me turn out the light,
Wrap my arms around you, say good night.
Trace our shadows on the wall.
Thank God for the miracle of it all.

Repeat chorus

The road of life winds
With the passing of time.
I can hear you say,
“How can hearts know
where love will go
beyond today?”

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