A Friend For Life

A Friend For Life

I have a very good friend who I met in college some 14 years ago. For a good 5 years, we were inseparable. She was my club-going, wild friend. We shared a lot and went through a lot together. She was the first of our gang to really settle down with a guy and me and the rest of the gang weren’t having that. While my other close girlfriend completely wrote her off, I backed off and gave her some space. I told myself that if we are truly best friends, we’ll find our way back to each other. I told her that I understood her need to step away from our wild, party lifestyle. A couple years later, I received an invitation to her wedding. I was sad to not be a part of her wedding party, but happy she wanted me to be there. My now husband was my “date” and it was a great, fun night with a friendship reignited.

My friend also struggled with infertility. Amazingly, we both got pregnant within about 5 months of each other and now have boys close in age. We are LOVING it. Over the weekend her family came over to spend some time with us- it was the first time they were able to see our new house and with the boys getting older, we thought it would be fun to let them play together. They had fun, but Jack was pretty territorial over his toys (which hilariously, he never plays with otherwise). When it came to naptime, the boys had some trouble settling down. So we scooped them up to sit in our laps in the recliners and rocked the boys to sleep which watching “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.” My friend asked me, “So back in college did you ever think we’d be sitting here rocking our boys to sleep together?” I know that is a little bit of a loaded question- at least for me. I told her, “Back then? No way.” However, I knew in my heart that I always wanted to settle down and have a family. I probably would’ve preferred it to the wild lifestyle we were leading back then when I was DESPERATE to find someone to love me. It was after our falling out that I didn’t think we would ever be rocking our kids to sleep together. The question and the moment was very special to me. I knew at that moment we would be friends for life.We have even started making plans for the rest of the summer.A lot of my close girlfriends don’t have kids, nor do they plan to so I’ve felt really alone over the last 21 months. I love that I have this old friend who I will get to raise my son with. I’m excited to see them become friends. I’m excited to take vacations together. I’m excited to have a friend to share life with again.

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