Picking My Battles

Picking My Battles

As my son is entering into the heart of toddlerdom, I find myself saying all the time “I have to pick my battles.” What does that mean? That means picking and choosing with my son which things to say no to (i.e. extreme danger) or which things to let go (i.e. throwing his crayons one by one across the room until the box of 48 is empty). It is official: we have entered into the terrible twos. Most days are pretty good, but when he is the least bit cranky? Watch out. I’ve had punches thrown at me, toys thrown at my head, I’ve seen stomping feet and headbanging… We’ll just say that my child is, what’s the politically correct term that is being used this day in place of devil child? Oh, right. Spirited.

Like I said, most days are pretty good. I really do have a sweet little boy and as we get to know him and his personality better, we are slowly being able to control him and recognize exactly the things that are going to piss him off. We truly think that he knows exactly how to work us though and knows when he is doing something naughty (he looks around to see if we are looking with that mischievous look on his face). We have noticed that the tantrums are becoming more frequent and it feels like we are having to say NO to just about everything in which he replies back “NO NO NO” twice as loud and twice as long. So, I’ve decided to consult the experts. I purchased awhile ago “The Happiest Toddler on the Block” after having pretty great success with “The Happiest Baby on the Block”. Apparently just because we did the first book doesn’t mean we graduate- it means we move on to the next book. I’m not entirely sold on the techniques in the book (Fast Food Rule and Toddler-ese). He does say it’ll be awkward, but, that it slowly becomes easier and of course, he swears it works. I figure, what do I have to lose? I plan to give it a try and although it won’t ever stop the tantrums, it will at least cut down the amount of time we have to endure them. I will definitely keep everyone posted on our progress in this department.

With any luck, tonight I will get THIS happy toddler when I get home:

Moms, what techniques do you use to settle your toddler’s tantrums?

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    I bought Happiest Baby on the Block, twice – because I forgot that I didn't like it with the first, but obviously something *got* to me that I got it again with Wyatt.

    Silly me. I remember now it was the way early bedtime that got to me, I just can't do that. I love schedules, but they have to work for me too.

    Happy to find you too! I love having some more MN bloggers to love.

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