Guilty Pleasures: TV Edition

Guilty Pleasures: TV Edition

I was thinking about writing a guilty pleasures post about everything and nothing and then I realized that I had a ton of TV guilty pleasures that are really worth their own post. My husband LOVES to make fun of me for some of them (okay.. most of them).

I have only about an hour and a half at the end of the night to ever partake in my TV pleasures and I always look forward to them.

1) The Bachelor/The Bachelorette: The show is a total sham, completely ridiculous, a total trainwreck and I cannot stop watching it!

2) Soaps: I confess. I watch The Young and the Restless and All My Children. I grew up with All My Children- my parents watched it religiously every night (taped on the good ol’ VCR… actually… I think they still tape it on a VCR…). These shows to most people are the biggest waste of time, and yes, they are a total waste. However. I’m totally addicted. They are a total escape and I love watching them.

3) America’s Got Talent: I’m actually watching it on my DVR as I type. Why do I love this show? Because it is total raw talent of ALL ages, people, genres. I get a little bored with Idol and So You Think You Can Dance because it is so recycled- same stuff over and over. On America’s Got Talent, you never know what you’re going to get! I love the guy playing Soul Sister on the harmonica!!

4) Wipeout: What can I say? A giant obstacle course where people bounce off of stuff. How could you not enjoy that? My 2 year old LOVES it.

5) Hell’s Kitchen: Nothing better than watching a bunch of wannabe chefs get chewed out on a weekly basis. The only downside? The show makes me hungry.

6) Desperate Housewives/Brothers & Sisters/Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice: Need I say more? Is the fall season back yet?

7) Awards Shows: Specifically… the red carpet. I have to see what all the gals are wearing and of course critique. I often wonder how I survived the red carpet before Twitter.

8) E!News/Entertainment Tonight: I have an unhealthy addiction to celeb gossip. Nuff said.

9) America’s Next Top Model: Somehow I’m still watching this show?? It was fun to watch a local MN girl not to mention a Concordia St. Paul alum go so far this past season. I watched it for her!

10) Idol/SYTYCD: These have dropped to the bottom position on my list. The past few seasons of Idol have been pretty sleepy. As a singer myself, I can’t not watch. I love to see some of the raw talent that is out there. I still love So You Think You Can Dance- I’m amazed by people who can dance like this. I miss Mary Murphy this season though.

So this is my embarrassing list of TV guilty pleasures! What are YOUR TV guilty pleasures?

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