Tired But Thankful

Tired But Thankful

I’m dedicating this post to stormageddon which blew through the Twin Cities last night. From about 1-5a, it stormed non-stop. I’m not talking a little rumble and then some rain, I’m talking insane lightning, thunder, wind, torrential downpours for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT. Needless to say, I’m ridiculously exhausted today.

I’m not going to whine though. I’m going to give some thanks on this stormy Friday morning.

1. I’m thankful that Jack only woke up due to a lost nuk. Apparently the wicked, end of the earth storm made no difference to him.

2. Thankful that I didn’t have to put too much into my appearance today. Paid $10 bucks to charity to wear blue jeans on Friday for the rest of August.

3. Thankful and excited for my renewed motivation in getting healthy and getting fit. I’m really, honestly there. I can do this.

4. Thankful that Jack has had more than a few colds this summer and didn’t get a single ear infection.

5. Thankful that my friend asked me to join her to sing with her next Saturday at her contemporary worship service. Despite my recent issues with her, somehow she always pulls through and does something awesome to make up for it.

What are you thankful for today?

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