The Week In Rant

The Week In Rant

There have been a few stories in the news this week that have set me off on some rantalicious conversations this week and it is only appropriate for me to rant about them here!

Rant #1: JetBlue Guy
I am failing to understand why this guy is being glorified as a hero. Where I come from, when you are hired to do a job you do it. We all have those days where we want to say SCREW IT, bitch someone out and jump out the window but most of us have enough professional integrity and ethics to control ourselves. All I can say is, if you burn your bridges that deeply, good luck getting a job ever again. Nuff said.

Rant #2: AOL News Story Calling Postpartum Depression a Crock
Gee. What a shock that a MAN made these comments. To recap, this is what he said:

“Most women who suffer depression after their children are born are suffering from post-how-did-I-get-stuck-with-this-kid, this body, this life? They may be depressed, but it is their situation and their psychopathic personality that brings them to kill their children, and not some chemical malfunction.”

Here’s the scoop: If you have never been pregnant or given birth, you have no place commenting on the validity of PPD. I spent 2.5 years with unexplained infertility (which had its own level of depression) so you would think that someone like me could never be depressed about finally being able to bring my sweet little boy home. I was pretty much a disaster for close to a year after giving birth. I never came close to hurting my child, but in retrospect, I was miserably unhappy and exhausted and really should’ve sought professional help. It was a slow process, but I eventually got back to being my old self and found the love for my son deeper than anything I have ever experienced in my lifetime.

PPD is REAL and hopefully any new mommies out there who are experiencing it didn’t read this and won’t be afraid to get the professional help they need. The article has since been edited to remove the above. A good editor would’ve never let the article go live in the first place.

Rant #3: Toddlers Roaming The Streets in the Middle of the Night
Lately there have been several stories in the news about toddlers (around age 3) escaping from their homes in the middle of the night without their parents being aware. I’m sorry. I just cannot understand how this can even remotely happen. I have the most rambunctious toddler in the universe. We’ve known this from the time he took his first steps to know that we are going to have to take extra child-proofing safety precautions with him from gates to door handle covers. We also have an alarm system that gets armed at night so he wouldn’t get far regardless without that sucker going off- the thing is loud enough to wake the dead.

My colleague and I had a disagreement about this. She said a friend of hers had a daughter who was able to get through all the child-proofing. Really? Then put a lock high enough on the door out of their reach. There is just no excuse for a toddler wandering the street in the middle of the night. None. Zero.

Rant #4: I want to win a contest!
Lately I’ve come across a bunch of mama bloggers who have been doing awesome giveaways. I never win, but I enter in hopes that one day my post will come up on the randomizer as a winner.

Molly, who writes the blog The Snyder 5 is giving away a super cute Yoplait Splitz Prize Pack:

The pack includes

A deluxe insulated cooler bag
A fleece, lined blanket
A four-pack of Yoplait Splitz for you to try (they are shipped to you Fed Ex with dry ice packs)

My kiddo is a yogurt demon so I know he would go crazy for the stuff. As for me? How cute is that cooler bag?

Have a beautiful weekend!!

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