The Week In Rant

The Week In Rant

It’s Friday!! Please join me for The Week in Rant:
The Great Target Debate
Kids grow up way too fast
Why you shouldn’t wait to buy clothes when you start a diet and exercise plan.

1) The Great Target Debate
I’m so frustrated in hearing about the stupid Target debate and boycott. As you all know, I try REALLY hard not to get into political debates but this one really, really annoys me. Target made that donation because they are PRO JOBS. Does anyone even know anything about MN Forward other than the fact that they are backing Tom Emmer? Do you know that their motto is: Creating Jobs. Right Here. Right Now. Do you not support job creation?

From the MN Forward website:

MN Forward is a new organization established to ensure that private-sector job creation and economic growth are at the top of the agenda during the 2010 campaign. We are working with a broad coalition of Minnesota job creators to elect candidates from both parties who support policies that enhance job growth in Minnesota.

This my friends is why Target made that donation. To dig that deeply and say that Target is anti-gay because MN Forward backs Tom Emmer who promotes anti-gay policies” is absolutely ridiculous. One thing DOES NOT have to do with the other! Target shouldn’t have to apologize for trying to protect their employees’ jobs and promote job growth in MN.

This is exactly why I hate politics. I just want people to stop thinking “Democrat” and “Republican” and start focusing on the facts. Decide which issue(s) are most important to you, do the research on all of the candidates and make a smart and enlightened decision. Just because I consider myself a Republican doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t vote for another party’s candidate if they more closely aligned with my values and the issues I deem important.

2) Kids Grow Up Way Too Fast
On a lighter note… my baby boy is starting early preschool on Monday. Yes, he’s about to turn 2, but he’s still and will always be my baby boy. Time is just flying by- is there any way to make it slow down? Oh right, just have another baby! I’ve got baby fever in a very bad way. Why does it seem that when you want to get pregnant all you hear about and see are pregnant people everywhere? No updates in that category- still in the 2WW which sucks just as much as it did before we conceived Jack. I want terribly to believe that taking this journey again isn’t going to be as difficult. I asked Jack the other day, “How would you like to have a baby brother or sister?” His response, “Ooookay.” He has no idea what he’s in for!

3) Why you shouldn’t wait to buy clothes when you start a diet and exercise plan. 
I went shopping yesterday. With my Gap 30% off coupon in hand, I headed to the mall to see what I could find. Knowing that I am in exercise and diet mode, I felt a twinge of guilt about buying clothes that will become way too big once I reach my goal. However, I piled up jeans, tops and dress pants in my arms and headed to the dressing room. I was going to allow myself one pair of pants and one top for this excursion (with the cuteness of Gap, this was insanely hard to do). I pulled on a pair of Long and Lean Jeans and they were fabulous. They looked great on me, are comfortable and fit perfectly (minus the way too long length which I will be plagued with for the rest of eternity no matter where I shop). I bought some hem tape and I am wearing these jeans today and I FEEL GREAT. For some reason I just feel awesome in these jeans and I can only hope that is a reflection of my motivation and how slow and steady is winning my weight loss battle. I’m making slow progress and I am starting to see the results. My point is, just because you are trying to lose weight, don’t deny yourself clothes that will make you look and feel great in THIS moment.

Thank you for joining me for The Week in Rant! What are the things that you want to rant about this week?

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