The Importance of Me Time

The Importance of Me Time

Let’s face it. As moms, finding me time is hard. Enjoying me time is even harder.

Over the weekend, I took some time away to spend with the ladies. We got a hotel room, went out to a fancy dinner and saw the show Wicked. Great night, right? It definitely was and I had an amazing time. However, it was not without the voice in the back of my head saying, “You had a great night tonight but you’ll be hungover when you get home tomorrow,” and “You’ll never sleep as good in that musty hotel bed as you would in your own,” and “Does my little boy miss me? Is he feeling okay?”

Despite all of the voices screaming in the back of my head, we discussed at breakfast the next morning what our next ladies’ adventure would be. The overnight was supposed to be a nice little mini mom break for me but it was just short enough to feel like there were other priorities. My husband and the “men” in the family (not to mention his friends) have been doing their man weekends for years going hunting, fishing and just plain drinking while the women stay home. So after further discussion, we decided we needed more than an overnight. We need an extended weekend at the cabin or the North Shore. We need VEGAS. Our ideas hilariously kept getting more and more elaborate as we got excited about the idea of a weekend with no responsibilities, no diapers and our husbands taking responsibility for the stuff we would normally have to do. 

I need my me time regardless of the guilt associated with it. I need the opportunity to decompress. I need adult interaction with other women. I need to remember to still be me.

How do you spend your me time? How does me time make you feel?

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    Wasn't Wicked fabulous?! I'd love to see it again, it's been 4 years.

    As far as me time, it use to be me volunteering – funny enough. It meant that I got out of the house, had dinner, had adult conversations.

    But that's on a little hiatus, until babe is a bit bigger 🙂

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