Labor Day Weekend Review

Labor Day Weekend Review

For nearly two weeks it seemed as though my husband and I were two ships simply passing in the night coupled with tag team parenting. So, we decided that Labor Day weekend would be only about us. We vowed each day to do something fun, just the 3 of us, as a family. We meant no disrespect to family and friends who wanted to spend time with us, we really just missed each other and wanted some alone time.

Friday, September 3. Children’s Museum
I cannot even recall the last time I set foot in the Children’s Museum, but let me tell you, this place is simply incredible. We weren’t sure where to start, and were even more unsure of how much to let Jack run free. Thankfully, we discovered the Habitot where our little guy could run around and be a toddler. He loved it. A sensory explosion, he ran around like a crazy man, climbing, jumping, crawling through tunnels, exploring…

It started getting a little packed in there so we moved on to the Wizard of Oz exhibit which he enjoyed- plenty of buttons to touch, wheels to turn and corn to run off with.

We finished off our Children’s Museum adventure in the Earth World. Jack loves all kinds of animals so this place was perfect for him. He ran through log tunnels, stared at the giant turtle for eons and went through the tunnel and down the slide about a million times.

We finished off the day with dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Turns out my kid really hates their high chairs. Due to 2 year old sitting on my lap for the entire dinner, no pictures were taken. I gave new definition to how quickly you can eat a Chicken Tender Wrap.

Saturday, September 4: Burnsville Center
I didn’t take any pictures of this adventures, but it was a good one. Jack was due for some new shoes, so we ventured out to Stride Rite at the mall to take advantage of their buy one get one 50% off sale. Stride Rite decided that they didn’t need to open promptly at 10am like the other stores so we paced back and forth outside their store with an impatient toddler waiting for them to open their doors. As suspected, Jack wasn’t really up for any feet measurements. Not sure what he thought the lady was going to do to him, but he wasn’t having it. I quickly got him away from the poor sales lady and over to the really bad play toys they had in store, which my teething toddler decided to of course try to chew on. If he’s not sick in the next day or two I will be amazed. We then headed to Baby Gap in search of new jammies and of course treated our son like a little doll- putting hats and coats on him and doing our best to keep him entertained while the lady in front me in line threw a hissy fit that they didn’t have an appropriate sized bag for her little gift card (ummmm… how about the giant purse you are toting around?).

Jack was pretty excited about his new shoes and much to my shock and awe, he refused to let us take them off.

Sunday, September 5: Minnesota Zoo
We became members of the MN Zoo this year. We live close and Jack absolutely loves the animals so it is a perfect entertainment (and educational!) investment. This visit was no exception and Jack was in prime form (aka, good mood).

He cruised in his brand new wagon

Made new friends

Enjoyed time with his daddy

It was a perfect day and one he is still talking about today at his first day of Early Preschool. In his words: “I had fun at zoo. I saw sarks and goats and BIG BIG wooster.”

Monday, September 6: Home Sweet Home
We didn’t do anything adventurous on our last day of Labor Day weekend, but we did spend time playing, reading, running, chasing and all the other fun things to find in our house.

It was a great family weekend and we are all finding it increasingly difficult to get back in the grind after so much fun.

How did you spend your holiday weekend?

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