And The Discipline Begins

And The Discipline Begins

Like my own mother, I am a pushover. My sweet boy’s big brown eyes stare at me like saucers when he does something naughty and he knows it. I scold, but when those giant saucers fill up with tears, it takes all of my willpower not to throw my arms around him and tell him its okay, even though his behavior was clearly not.

We started watching Supernanny over the past year. As we watched, we would say, “No way is my kid ever going to be that naughty.” As my little angel is about to turn 2, we have noticed that he does things knowing that they are wrong but does them anyway. No amount of telling him NO over and over is going to stop him. So, we decided to give time outs a try. I know they don’t work for everyone, but for us, they were like magic. The first attempt was a disaster, he was upset tyring to get away. The second time was a little better and now, he knows. When we say time out and take him to his naughty stair, he sits there, doesn’t move and cries his eyes out. When his 1-2 minutes are up, we ask him if he understands why he was in time out and he tells us! Crazy! Then we tell him we love him and give him a hug.

Since the day he was born, I secretly dreaded having to discipline him. Would I do it right? Would it work? Will my kid be like one of the naughty kids on Supernanny? This whole parenting thing always seems like one big experiment. Trial and error. We just do the best we can. Discipline is a necessary part of parenting and it is hard to find the right fit. It feels good to know that everything we have done for Jack up until now has been the right thing. He is a sweet boy and we are so proud.

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