The Great SAHM Debate: Conclusion

The Great SAHM Debate: Conclusion

Today is a bummer day. I just got a call from an ad consultant who has resigned from his position. We’ve worked closely together for the past couple of years and is one of the few ad reps I have actually trusted, not to mention he treated me like a real client, regardless of the fact that my company isn’t exactly a big commission check for him. In our conversation this morning, he made a point that I have often tried to make for myself: If it ever stops being fun, I will walk away.

I have spent the last few months contemplating my professional fate. As I have mentioned, a lot of things have changed for me at my company. Some good, some bad. Nobody likes change, especially me. I’m not good at it. I like routine. There are many things over the past few months that I have learned to live with in terms of these changes. Sure, there are also many things that continue to nag at the center of my soul, but I also have learned that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. 

If you haven’t caught on yet, I have decided to stay at my job despite some of the… challenges. I have found that it is a much different world when you work at a job because you want to and not because you have to- it makes some of the challenges a little easier to deal with. I just cannot bear to pull Jack out of his daycare environment- he has friends there, loves his teachers and I am shocked at the education a 2 year old gets at this place. There were so many more factors involved in making this decision and when it came down to it, our son’s education and continuing to build my career regardless of the bumps in the road won out in the end.

I’m sure the envy will mount when I get e-mails from the local SAHM’s for donut get-togethers after “sending the kids off to school” (seriously… what do these women DO all day?). However, I will then pull out the memory of picking up my son from Early Preschool and watching him give a hug to his best friend Andrew. I’m not going to be the one to break up a pair of best buds.

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