The Week in Rant: A Mommy Bag of Rant

The Week in Rant: A Mommy Bag of Rant

Let’s start the day off with some controversial stuff:

Formula Recall
Dear Breastfeeding Mommies. I totally get why you are grateful to be breastfeeding on a number of levels. However, please understand, not all women are able to breastfeed for a number of reasons. I was one of those. Because I was unable to breastfeed, I had to give my boy formula. I had to. I had no other choice. Not because I was forced to. Not because the doctor sent me home with samples (which by the way, they gave me plenty of breastfeeding supplies as well prior to baby being born). Not because I was lazy. I had to. My baby needed to eat.

I hate that this formula was recalled. Gross. Nasty. Scary. I truly hope I never hear of such a thing again, but here’s the deal, some mommies have to buy this stuff. This doesn’t make them terrible mommies. How can a mommy wanting her baby to eat and live be terrible? We mommies, ALL mommies do what they have to do for their babies. Even give them formula.

Elmo and Katy Perry

Who complained that this was inappropriate?! Sorry if you’re one of them, but seriously… My 2 year old is an Elmo freak. Show him anything Elmo and he goes crazy for it. When he saw this video he wasn’t pointing at Katy Perry’s boobies. He wasn’t thinking that Katy Perry is too sexy. He has no idea what that is all about. All he cares about is Elmo running around laughing and the funny girl singing the catchy song. Chill out people!! It’s not like she was throwing down f-bombs and smoking a joint with Elmo.

Getting Rid of Nuk
It’s true what they say, the older they get, the harder it is to break them of the habit. At age 2 we are down to nuks with naps and sleeping. We were able to cut it out during the day pretty easily by the time he was 1. He was just starting to go without it during naps when they moved him to his new Early Preschool class- the transition was just too much and he was causing some issues with the teachers and his lack of napping and crying, so we said let’s put it back in the mix and then we’ll ween off of it again. Nighttime has been another story altogether. This nuk is like crack- even in the morning when he gets up, we ask him to put the nuk down and he takes a couple more “hits” off of it before completely letting go. What is with these things?? So, I asked for some advice from my mommy friends on Facebook, here are the suggestions I got back:
1. Tell him that mama bird took them and flew away (huh???). With our boy, I’m thinking we’d have to say that the backhoe at the house construction next store dug it up and shoved it into the ground.
2. Have him throw it away in the garbage. If he understands that is where trash goes he’ll make the connection and no longer want it. I can dig this option, however… what if it is still a disaster and he has thrown all of his nuks in there and then we have nothing to fall back on?
3. Cut the tip or make holes in it. Unfortunately this idea is out as our kid has already punctured his nuks to the point of my considering they may be choking hazards.
4. Cold turkey. One mom responded and said that is is most likely harder for the parents because they fear it will be a total disaster. Yup- this explains us perfectly.

So, over the past few weeks, we have been trying to plant some seeds. Telling him that if he loses his nuk at night to just say “Uh-oh. Bye Bye nukie.” We’ve also been letting him know that since he is a big boy, he’s not going to need nuks anymore. We’ve also been waiting for a weekend that we don’t actually require sleep. I think that weekend is here and it is time to give it a try.

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    I get ya on the formula thing. As a breastfeeding mama and advocate, I always am careful not to judge others — you never know what that person went through. Although there are times when girls choose not to breastfeed because they "think it's gross." I have a hard time biting my tongue on that one. Either way, I try to lead by example and be supportive. Okay – back to your post, the formula issue was gross and I feel bad for any parent that had to deal with it! 🙁

    I heard about the Katy Perry issue but hadn't seen it until your post – eh, it's not that bad.

    About your nuk sitch, I did the same thing, but waited till closer to 3 before pulling the plug (ha) and taking it away for naps. He cried like I broke his heart – sobbing – for about 20 minutes. And then that was it. I had given him warning for months, etc. Good luck!

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