The Week In Rant: Scandal Edition

The Week In Rant: Scandal Edition

Welcome to your Friday! It’s time for THE WEEK IN RANT!

Firstly, I’m testing out some new designs for my blog trying to find one that feels like a right fit for me. If you like something, hate it or have any recommendations, please let me know! I welcome the feedback.

This edition of The Week In Rant includes:
1) The Brett Favre Sexting Scandal
2) Glee- Stripped Down in GQ
3) Getting Old

Honestly. I don’t know what to think or how I even feel about this whole thing other than to say, I’m not really all that shocked by it. I had heard that he was a bit of a dirty bird, but whatever- stuff like this swirls around the super-celeb sports stars all the time. I can appreciate that both him and his wife Deanna refuse to comment on it. I feel bad for Deanna that she even has to deal with it at all- whether it is true on not. She’s such a sweet lady and has been through a LOT, if this turns out to be true, Brett Favre is a huge jerk. You are the oldest guy playing football- time to grow up.

I wasn’t going to let this drama go without my opinion. Here’s the deal. GLEE IS NOT A CHILDREN’S SHOW. Parents: it is up to us to manage and control what our children are exposed to. If they are exposed to it, then you should really choose to make it a teachable moment. Let them know it is not real. It is TV. Teach them about making moral decisions. I don’t keep GQ sitting around my house, so other than this picture popping up all over the internet there is really no chance of it being seen in my house. If you like Glee but don’t want your kids to watch it- DVR it and watch later. We cannot control what Hollywood puts out there, but we can control in our own homes what we allow our kids to see. As far as whether or not the picture is appropriate? *sigh* It really isn’t the worst I’ve ever seen. I remember Britney’s school girl “Hit Me Baby One More Time” being controversial too, this doesn’t seem all that different.

Getting older. That’s me. I’m heading out to a Bachelorette Party this weekend that will involve a party bus. 10 years ago, this would’ve been the best thing ever. Now? Yikes. Not only will partying until 2am be extremely taxing on my 34 year old body, but I dread the hangover the next day which I will have regardless of whether I have 1 beer or 10. On the other hand… I’m pretty honored that my future sister-in-law thinks I’m cool enough to hang.

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