Halloween Happiness

Halloween Happiness

When I was a kid, I looked forward to Halloween every year. The costumes. The candy. Running from house to house with my friends. Seeking out the scary haunted houses in the neighborhood. Coming home to watch Michael Jackson’s Thriller (now I’m showing my age) with our take dumped out all over the floor and eating so much sugar that my tummy hurt for days.

I longed to become a parent just so I could watch my child experience the same thing. I am so happy that our neighborhood is so quiet, safe and peaceful and the kids can run around trick-or-treating without being afraid. Jack’s very first Halloween he was just a wee 7 weeks old and it made for some darling photos. Last year, he wasn’t really sure what was going on but we took him out door to door, mostly to meet some of our neighbors. This year was very different. At age 2, Jack is very much aware, talkative and totally open to new adventures. I stayed home to man the trick-or-treaters while daddy took Jack out and about and apparently they had a blast. Jack didn’t want to come back home and started telling daddy, “Let’s go that way,” as they cruised around in the wagon. Jack’s excitement was contagious; and, it was one of those moments that make becoming a parent totally worth it.

I wanted to rant today about how rude some of the kids were that came to our door (and upon the discovery that our house was giving out FULL SIZE candy bars, a few kids made repeat appearances). However, I’d rather my memory of Halloween 2010 belong to my kiddo. It was more than just one big memory- from the candy to the costume, the smiles and the laughter… We’re quite happy to cut it into many small useful pieces.

Mommy! I’m ready to go!
Mommy! Why haven’t we left yet??
Bye Mommy! Off to go trick-or-treating!
Yay! My ride is here!

Happy Halloween and many more to come!

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    Thanks Molly! I love the Old Navy costumes- they are so nice and warm. I had a moment of fear that this one might be too small- I think we just made the cutoff!

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