The Week In Rant: Mom Edition

The Week In Rant: Mom Edition

Welcome to Friday and to The Week In Rant!

1.’s FAIL
2. Toddler Stomach Bugs
3. MN Weather

I’m a couple days behind in commenting on this, but felt the need to give it some attention. I, like so many other moms, were horrified to see the Pedophile book on I have a little boy. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING okay with instructions on how to be a pedophile. Seriously, the very thought of this book makes me sick to my stomach. I was even more shocked that was initially unwilling to pull the book. What do you care more about as a company? Freedom of expression or the MILLIONS of customers who find this completely offensive that you stand to lose. I was one of those. If you are willing to stand up for the rights of a sicko, then it really does speak volumes for what kind of a company you are choosing to be. This isn’t just a political difference of opinion here, it is a book teaching something extremely illegal. There have been updates to this story, and you can find them here. I’m just happy the book is not being sold anymore and I really hope this guy hasn’t hurt any kids.

Is there really anything worse than having a sick child? Not only because it is exhausting, but because it breaks my heart to see him this way. My poor kiddo has had diarrhea for the past 3 days, yesterday being the worst of it. He was drinking a lot, but barely ate anything and his poor little bum… By the evening, he was screaming in agony with every diaper change because his rash was getting so bad. To top it all off, we experienced our first real volcano-like vomit. Exorcist style. I was in tears because he was in tears. He was so scared- he had no idea what was going on. Without a thought I pulled him into my arms, vomit covered and all and just hugged him, trying to calm his sobs. He must have felt a million times better after that because he launched right back into crazy, funny 2 year old mode. We played some football, he played with his toys… funny how a little barfing can make everything better. It amazes me how much becoming a mom has changed me. Before Jack was born, the very thought of stinky poop and projectile vomiting tested my gag reflex. I change diapers and hug my vomit covered child without a second thought now. Motherhood is amazing.

Of course… I somehow can’t seem to get the smell of diarrhea and vomit out of my nose today…

3. MN Weather 
I love being a Minnesotan. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else in the world. Where else in the world is it close to 70 degrees in November on one day and getting text alerts for a winter storm warning the next. Man I love it here!

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