Why I Love Josh Groban’s Music

Why I Love Josh Groban’s Music

I’m not sure I am old enough (or oh no… maybe I am???) to call myself a Grobanite. I will confess that I am downright mesmerized by his music. I get a lot of eye rolls for this from my husband and many of my friends for this, but I’m not sure they entirely understand just why I love Josh Groban’s music so much.

His music was featured pretty much throughout my entire wedding:
Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring was my processional
The Prayer was sung during one of the blessings
Our first dance was When You Say You Love Me
My husband’s mother/son dance was to You Raise Me Up

The song Remember When It Rained makes me cry every time I hear it because it makes me think of the baby I miscarried. His music is powerful. It moves and inspires me. It speaks to me.

I’ve been a classical singer since I was the wee age of 11, singing leads in Christmas Pageants and solos in choir. I started voice lessons as a freshman in high school and continued them through college. I also played piano and flute. My parents dropped a crapload of cash on my private lessons. I loved all of it. I love music. This is why I love Josh Groban. Classical singers are rarely successful, yet he has done amazing things in bringing this type of music into the mainstream. He is living the life that so many classical singers dream of. I am envious.

I recently sang in my brother’s wedding and my husband, upon hearing me sing for the first time in our 8.5 years together, asked me why I don’t make a living off my voice. The answer is rather sad. Late in my college career as I began exploring my musical job options, I realized that I would not be able to pay my student loans (not to mention move out of my parents’ house) if I pursued a career in music. I only needed to complete a couple extra classes to complete my Marketing Communications degree, so with a heavy heart, I abandoned my music degree. Do I have regrets? Sometimes. I am lucky to be in a job where I still have a sense of a creative outlet and definitely much less competition. I do hope that I am able to share my musical talents in the future and sing for more weddings and possibly even find a choir to join. Here’s a sample of the beautiful wedding I had the honor of singing and being in:

Josh’s music helps me remember my roots and where I came from. When I think of my childhood, I think of music.

I bought Josh’s new album Illuminations yesterday which is the perfect title for it. I love that it is a little bit different from his other work- a mix of folk and soul, beautiful orchestral sounds and my beloved foreign language pieces. I was truly entranced listening to it on my drive home yesterday- no tailgaters or people cutting me off could break the happy spell I was under.

If you have a deep appreciation and love for music, I promise his newest album will not disappoint!

Do you have an artist or type of music that moves and inspires you? 

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