Ice, Injuries & Illness Oh My!

Ice, Injuries & Illness Oh My!

If there is anything that scares me more, it is driving in ice storms. Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of driving about an hour and a half up north to spend time with The Moopies (the women from my husband’s side of the family). We laughed, we shopped, we DRANK and had a fabulous time. That was, until I woke up on Sunday morning to learn that the Twin Cities was covered in ice. Immediately, my heart began to race. How am I going to get home? I have to go home! With a pounding heart, I began my fearful drive home. It was pretty frightening driving through the country roads- a LOT of water to slide into. When I made it to the highway, things were okay. I was even pleasantly surprised to find that the majority of drivers were incredibly cautious and respectful of each other. I never felt like anyone was driving way too fast for the conditions and not once did I get tailgated. When I reached the Twin Cities, the plethora of idiot drivers came out of the woodwork, but I very thankfully made it home safe and sound. Probably just a couple years shaved my life based on sheer fear.


If you have a toddler you understand. I’m not talking about HIS injuries. I’m talking about MY injuries caused by him! Most of the time it involves his giant noggin jacking me in the chin or an accidental head butt. Last night’s injury was just bad timing. He was picking up a toy and swung around at the exact same time that I happened to lift and turn my head towards him. Cue hard, plastic toy making a direct connection with my nose. This morning I was greeted in the mirror by a swollen nose and a nice little black eye. The good news? He felt terrible about it and gave his mommy a huge hug and kiss to make it all better. For the most part, the treatment worked. At least for my heart.

Today marks week #4 that I have been sick. It started with bronchitis and a sinus infection. For a brief moment in time I thought I was doing great, then the cough and nose stuff came back full force. My understanding is the bug that I have can last anywhere from 3-5 weeks. I hardly remember what healthy feels like and truthfully, I’m getting depressed and frustrated. I am so beaten down that I can’t workout. The cough keeps me up at night so I’m exhausted. Every morning I wake up just hoping that I will be feeling better. No such luck. I’m doing all I can to rest and not get stressed out. The holidays are upon us and I am just going to take a deep breath and try to relax.

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    Great post, Joanne, one I can relate to in so many ways:

    1. I had the luxury of hibernating on Sunday. Driving on ice sucks, glad you made it back safely.

    2. I have learned not to bend down to kiss my 5 yo on the head because she always decides to jump up and down at the exact same moment and I manage to a)bite my tongue b)get hit in the nose c)get slammed in the teeth or d)all of the above.

    3. Sorry to hear you've been so sick. I had a sinus infection recently that came back the minute I got off antibiotics. I'm now back on different ABs, this time for 30 days. I hope this kicks it. But I wish you well and hope you are feeling better soon!

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