MN Blizzard. The Aftermath.

MN Blizzard. The Aftermath.

I asked my husband tonight for a blog topic. Just to see what he’d say. The first suggestion was the usual sarcastic reply: Stinky Bodily Functions (followed by a loud fart).

Um. No.

The next wasn’t half bad though: Bad MN Drivers.

After two horrific days of commuting in the MN Blizzard aftermath, I couldn’t agree more. The road conditions are a complete crapshoot from city to city. It is bitterly cold which means black ice. By the way, you can’t see black ice so you don’t really know when you could hit a patch which means if you are driving like a total moron and make me hit the brakes and I hit said black ice, I’m going to end up going on a 360 spin that I don’t particularly care to do when driving across the Bloomington Ferry Bridge. By the way? Mr. SUV Big Ass Truck drivers? Your 4 wheel drive is not going to save you on a patch of black ice so SLOW THE HELL DOWN! Okay? Thank you. Not only are the roads scary, but how about those giant snowbanks? They are scary huge and frankly, they make me feel a little claustrophobic as I’m sandwiched between that and the jerk SUV Big Ass Truck driver that oh so desperately had to pass me. Right hand turns are scary with the big giant snowbanks because you can’t see around them and you can’t see who is coming until it is far too late anyway and your big giant front end is sticking out in the middle of the road. I also can’t appreciate a commute that would normally take 30 minutes (45 on a bad day) is suddenly taking double or triple the amount of time. Sucks.

Now, I know this is Minnesota. This is what we sign up for by living here. I’m not sure I have ever seen the conditions this crappy though. Are we really not prepared to deal with this? It’s kind of pathetic. Now we are scheduled to get more snow in the next couple days and we have barely begun to pick up the pieces from this blizzard.

Will I ever move away from here? Nope.

Here are some of our pictures from the big Blizzard of 2010.

Our Buried Front Steps

My almost buried husband- this is the sidewalk next to the street- can you see either?

Our neighbor’s giant snowdrift.

2 Comments on "MN Blizzard. The Aftermath."

    I agree with the insane drivers! We saw so many people driving those huge SUVs trying to bust their way through 4 ft drifts on the road, then spend the next 20 mins trying to shovel themselves out. Just because you've got a huge vehicle doesn't mean you are impervious to snow!

    The photo of your hubby waist high in snow is pretty amazing.

    I should've mentioned- my husband is 6 feet tall so yeah, this is crazy deep snow. One of our neighbors did their Christmas Card photos in what is now referred to as "The Tunnel" (formerly known as the sidewalk). Totally disruptive snow but pretty awesome too.

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