Hello Christmas Spark

Hello Christmas Spark

I have voiced my opinion about how crabby I get during the holidays, but as Christmas Eve draws near, I can already feel my excitement growing.

Today, I am exchanging gifts with my team at work (there are just 3 of us running this marketing train). With so many highs and lows at my job over the past year and a half, I feel like this is a moment to just take a deep breath and put the negative vibes to the side. So, even if it is just for today, I’m burying all that negativity for the sake of Christmas. I have Pandora kicking out the Christmas Station. I’m in good spirits with only tomorrow left to work before a nice long Christmas weekend. How can a person not be happy about that?

Another part of my happy feeling is that for the first time maybe ever, we didn’t have any family fights over where to go this year- it all magically fell into place. Surprisingly, everyone is coming to us and yes, in possibly an insane moment, we are hosting our two families in two days. I’m not even stressed! WTH! I’m excited to bake fudge, cookies and Chex Mix. All the presents are wrapped and under the tree. We have enjoyed teaching Jackson about who Santa Claus is and what he is all about and teaching him that he has to wait until Christmas to open the presents. I’m excited that my husband isn’t begging to open presents early- for some reason, he gets crazy excited to give me my gifts and in the last 8 years has NEVER been able to wait until Christmas. I’m especially excited that on Christmas Eve morning, just the 3 of us will open our gifts together. I love that Jackson is old enough to get excited and it makes my heart burst with love and anticipation for all the wonderful years of memories to come.

Despite the snow, the crappy commutes and the huge failure the MN Vikings turned out to be this year I’m feeling the Christmas spark. Are you?

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