More Than a Resolution

More Than a Resolution

I just packed up my bags to go back to work tomorrow- they include a plethora of leftover cookies and treats that my husband and I simply do not want around the house anymore. How do you say no to


In our world. We don’t. We eat them. We have no willpower. Therefore, they must go.

This lack of willpower over the last couple years has officially caught up to these 30-something year old bodies and it is time to make a change. Remember that wedding I was in back in November? I just saw the pictures. Oh dear god. Wake up call much? Not to mention I have TWO more weddings in 2011 that I will have photos immortalized of me up on a mantle somewhere. One wedding that was moved up and is now just 5 little months away. More than anything, I just want to feel more energetic. Better. Proud.

I set my first goal. 15 lbs by March 31st. I have no idea if it is possible, but gosh darnit if I’m not going to try. I’m back on the program (WeightWatchers that is) and am about to load tunes on my new iPod Shuffle (a little Christmas gift).

The most important bag that I packed tonight? My gym bag.

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