Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories

For all the scrooginess I endured early on, Christmas turned out to be truly magical this year.

Opening presents with Daddy. Every single one was an “OH MY GOSH MOMMY!”

Chef Jackson cooking up a meal in his new kitchen from Santa

“I’m Oscar The Grouch! Now Scram!” (FYI… this trash was used for all of the wrapping paper… nothing gross in there. Promise.)

Cousins. Getting along. Again- Magic.

Jack and Cousin Miles- how cute is that arm around the shoulders?

Christmas is all smiles.

Cousin Blaine introducing my young child to the DS. We are in so much trouble.

Even Christmas pooped the dog out.

All he wanted to do was snuggle with his Zoobie Bee and Lotso.

Hoping that all of you had a magical Christmas as well.

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