I’m Going There: NKOTBSB

I’m Going There: NKOTBSB

You laugh. You chuckle. But ladies… I know some of you were like me back in 1989. You were…

A New Kids on the Block fan.

Picture this… summer before 8th grade, my bangs taller than the Foshay and an NKOTB cassette playing on my Walkman. NKOTB graced every ounce of wall space in my bedroom. I watched the NKOTB concert videos until they completely wore out. Their concert at the Minnesota State Fair was the first concert I had ever gone to without my mom and dad there. My BFF and I sat on my aunt’s front steps (she lived on Snelling Ave., right across the street from the Fair) and waited to see if the NKOTB bus would drive by. A bus drove by. We were sure it was them. Donnie D was my favorite. I carried a sign in that said so. I’m not even kidding when I say  I remember just about everything from that day.

Fast forward to 2011…

New Kids have already done a concert or two- I missed one back in 2008 as it was shortly after I gave birth. Yeah. Not going to any concerts ever within 6 weeks of giving birth. So, when I heard they were going on tour again with the Backstreet Boys I was freaking excited. Like, 1989 excited. My seats aren’t great, but I don’t care. I just want to get my dance on and pretend for one evening that I am a 14 year old love struck teenager. It is going to be epic.

Come on ladies… ADMIT IT. Who was your teen idol(s)? 


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