Counting Blessings. Saying Prayers.

Counting Blessings. Saying Prayers.

I feel as though there is so much sadness lately. Along with the rest of the world, I watched the events of the Japan earthquake unfold right in front of my eyes. Between the shocking images of the devastation, the continuing aftershocks and nuclear power plant drama, I am pretty emotionally drained.

An old colleague of mine has a 2 year old daughter, just around 6 months younger than Jack. They recently found she had a brain tumor and she has been documenting her surgery and recovery over the past month or so via her blog. I have been meaning to write about this but can’t seem to find the right words to say how much my heart goes out to her family and how many prayers that I have said for Lyla’s recovery. I have read a lot of blogs over the past few years from my vast network of online mom friends- some of whom have encountered heartbreaking tragedy with their little ones. I read the story and followed the Twitter of Layla Grace and sobbed uncontrollably when Layla passed. I am constantly amazed at the power of the electronic world we live in and how far of a reach it has. Not since my nephew’s newborn fight with meningitis has something hit so close to home. Although my former colleague and I have had good intentions of getting our kids together for a playdate, busy jobs and lives seem to always get in the way. She has kept a wonderful blog about Lyla’s life dating back to her pregnancy and I have been following along. When I read about Lyla’s condition, my heart just broke for them. I simply cannot imagine my off the charts energetic little boy suddenly being wheeled off for MRIs, being poked and prodded and having to go through brain surgery. The thought of it shakes me to the very core. I am amazed by their strength and their determination in making sure Lyla gets the best care possible and their resolve to make sure she makes a full recovery. Such amazing people. I am praying for them every single day and endlessly checking the blog for updates on her recovery. Lyla is such a tough little girl and I just know she will be okay. 

Between Lyla and Japan, I am choosing not to take a single second for granted. It is easy to get caught up in the insanity of every day. It is easy to get worked up about things that are essentially trivial. Every day that I get to have with my husband and child is a blessing.

Many prayers for Lyla & family, Japan and any others who need them during these sad days.

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