Wordless Wednesday: Girl’s Weekend Out

Wordless Wednesday: Girl’s Weekend Out

I couldn’t resist posting some of the fun images from my girl’s weekend!

Here’s where the fun began… Mani/Pedis!

Poor girl needed a chisel…
Me and my Sister-In-Law
I was just super impressed with a dude getting a pedicure.

We then went back to get dolled up for the night and headed to dinner at the Rock Bottom Brewery:

Beer was the only thing I guess I thought was worth taking a picture of.

Meanwhile, the boys were having their own fun:

Jack watching the “big kids” play video games. He want to be 10.

We then went to see Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women at the Hennepin Stages Theatre. I kid you not when I say it was hotter than the sun in there. If any of you ladies go to see it, make sure to dress lightly.

Me and my Sister-In-Law @ Hennepin Stages for Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women

We ended the night with a game, Bailey’s and fighting over who was going to snuggle with this big beast of a cuddly dog:

He could be a robot, but he is 75 pounds of dog love

I had the honor of sleeping with the dog beast otherwise known as Zin (lovingly named after wine). Let’s see… he took up the whole bed and snored all night. I broke up with him the next morning.

The next day we headed to my house to hang out with my little munchkin- he had tons of fun with grandma and auntie while I stared off into space in a comatose, hungover, lack of sleep splendor. 

Jack showing off his letter skills with Grandma & Auntie

It was such a fun weekend. I love getting together with these ladies and look forward to the next time!

Do you have a Wordless Wednesday to share? 

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