Still Planning To Be A Winner

Still Planning To Be A Winner

I will not be an official blogger on PriorFatGirl.


I am still a Future PriorPriorFat Girl!

My healthiness journey started several months before I nominated myself to be the next Future PriorFatGirl Mom and I fully intend to continue on with my journey.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I had a setback. I had an ovarian hemorrhagic cyst rupture which caused me mountains of pain not to mention a medically required break from exercise. It knocked me off my wagon and I find myself straggling behind now to catch up. Tack on my birthday (i.e. mass amounts of alcohol) and and a wedding this weekend and my busy life is now getting in the way too.

I’m struggling. I’m gaining (1 lb last week and this week isn’t look any more promising). Needless to say, I’m not happy with myself.

However, I’m trying not to be so hard on myself.

Part of my treatment is to be on birth control. Well, ladies, many of you probably know what that can do to your body. I’m trying to deal with all the new side effects and for me, one of them is carbs/sweets cravings. Easter was a huge issue for me as I gave into those cravings. The good news is that I am very conscious of all my decisions. I KNOW in my head that I shouldn’t be eating certain things. I KNOW that I need to track (which I haven’t been doing a good job of). I KNOW that I need to exercise, even just a little.

What amazes me is how important it is in my weight loss attempt to incorporate both diet and exercise. I cannot do one without the other as they both so intricately weave into my success. I am slowly getting back into my 5K training and I am still so determined to run the entire time on May 22nd. I started over with week 1 so I could allow my body some healing time as well as to get back into the exercise groove. I think it was the right thing to do. I have my good days and bad days with BC side effects and I just need to be a better listener to my body as well as be strong enough to be able to push the cravings aside and just say no.

Once this wedding weekend is over, I will finally be able to focus entirely on my weight loss without so many distractions (kinda funny to say that when there is a TODDLER running around… there are ALWAYS distractions).

This just goes to show how truly tough the journey is to lose weight!! I’m not giving up!

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    I am new follower over from Prior fat girl. I was one of the mom's that didn't get picked either. I would say with what you have been dealing with a one pound gain is not that bad. Hang in there and it will happen.

    Hey Joanne! Sorry you didn't get picked either but we can still rock out some great results and I don't know about you but I have gotten some new followers out of the whole process and that in itself is awesome =)

    Whatever you do, don't give up! It is so easy to have a few bad weeks and then just say what's the point – but please hang in there – we all have our downfalls and make mistakes but as long as you just get right back into it, it will be worth it! We are all here struggling with you.

    You got this girl! =)

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