WordFULL Wednesday: Family Wedding Edition

WordFULL Wednesday: Family Wedding Edition

So I finally mustered up an extra minute to tell you all about a fabulously exhausting wedding weekend!

The wedding of my sister-in-law began like many wedding weekends. With nails, toes and run, run, RUNNING around with last minute business. We got ourselves beautied up and headed to rehearsal where we learned just how much our feet were going to be pissed off when things were all said and done. We went to dinner where I got to reunite with my husband and son. Can I just interject that I loved the sound of “It’s Mommy!!!” from across the parking lot?

After a late night, we headed back to the hotel to sleeping arrangement uncertainty. We haven’t traveled with Jackson since he was 10 months old and we’ll just say… It was a tough weekend and we weren’t sure what to expect. Miraculously, he slept on his little toddler air bed all night long without any issues. Too bad I couldn’t do the same.

The day of the wedding started with the usual trip to the salon for hair, makeup, coffee and of course making sure that the bride was happy and beautiful. And she was.

As for me… I opted for more of a half up do (and of course wished I had gone ALL up).


Before we knew it, the time came to get dressed and wouldn’t you know it… my dress really was too big. Sure, it stayed up, but I was self-conscious about it the whole time wishing I had some magical access to some giant safety pins to hold this thing up. After a couple hours of pictures, the time had come to make the walk. I thankfully didn’t fall. I got choked up but didn’t cry (with two bouquets to hold, I didn’t have access to the kleenex secretly tucked away). My train didn’t get stepped on. My dress didn’t fall off.

Let the party begin!

Me & The Bride Cruising In The Limo

The Bridal Party. Can you even believe the bride is 28 weeks pregnant??

Me & A Couple Groomsman

Me & The Groom

My Little Man Dancing w/ the bride. He wanted to dance with her all night.

My Guys

My little monkey danced like this for at LEAST two hours… He was the life of the party!!

It was a fabulous weekend filled with so much love and family. Selfishly, I feel blessed to have been a part of it all. I had the chance to stand up for a person who I consider not just a friend, but after a long haul, a sister. I got the chance to spend time and really get to know the women on my husband’s side of the family. I got to see my little boy act like a big boy and have so much fun. I loved everything about it.

No lie, being a bridesmaid is hard. It costs a lot of money. You are put on display to the world. However, despite all of those things, there is a little magic. Being chosen to stand up for someone is a big deal. You’ll be in their pictures for an eternity. You’re a part of someone’s most important day. It’s not a role to be taken lightly. I am still the best of friends with all of my bridesmaids and I’ll never forget all they had to sacrifice in order to be a part of our wedding day and what a special part of my heart they continue to hold.

It took a couple days to recover from all the lack of sleep (hotels and I do not go together). I literally cried when I drove up to my house as I was so happy to just be home and able to sleep in my own bed again. I officially ended my bridesmaid era by going from this:


No more bridesmaid duties means no more desire to have long hair! I’m so excited to have my shorter hair back. It has been many moons since my hair was this short. I love it and importantly, my husband LOVES it.

I do have one more important wedding coming up this summer as my close friend gets married to her love. She opted for a small bridal party and asked me to be her personal attendant. I excitedly said yes and know how important this role is. I’m already making a list and checking it twice for all the things I’m going to need to have ready… we’ll save that post for another day!


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