Motivation Monday: All Grown Up

Motivation Monday: All Grown Up

We reached another small milestone in Jackson’s short life: the big boy bed.

He was very excited at first and crawled right in and under the covers. That lasted for about oh… 15 minutes. He was up and out and ready to explore and test out his newly acquired freedom. We promptly went in and removed the comforter and sheet and gave him back his regular blanky figuring that this whole sheet and comforter thing was just a total foreign concept and to wait to try that for another time. Baby steps for mommy and daddy too perhaps? 10 minutes after that intervention, he was up and out again. Another intervention and explanation about staying in bed. In the next 10 minutes, he threw his blanky and puppy on the floor just KNOWING that we were watching him and testing the limits. One final time and intervention and he was back to his usual crib antics. Entire body across his pillow, kicking the wall. We let him do whatever his usual rituals were and finally, by about 9:00 (that is 1.5 hours past his usual bedtime) he was sleeping soundly and I knew we’d be in the clear for the night. The question remained… will he fall out? As I watched him on the video monitor, there were a couple moments that I wondered if he would take a spill, but he corrected himself and was back on the bed in a normal position (albeit, BACKWARDS… i.e. his feet were on his pillow).

Not Jack’s actual bed- just a sample of what it looks like post-transition

I’d like to give a shout out to Supernanny. We had always planned to use her bedtime technique when the time had come to change to a big boy bed. The technique I am referring to is the one where you promptly put them back into their bed, with little talk so they understand that at bedtime, that is where they are supposed to be. Let me tell you folks, it was very effective.

We decided to make the transition to the big boy bed not because he was trying to escape the crib, but mostly because it just felt like time. He did a great job at the hotel sleeping on his little toddler travel bed, so we thought it was time to do it at home not to mention, lifting a 2.5 year old into a crib is not exactly the easiest task on the planet. We still have the video monitor on him… how to break mom and dad of THAT habit? Not sure.

Why does this qualify for Motivation Monday? Well, it is all about taking the next steps in a journey. It’s not always easy to let go of things that are easy. Keeping Jackson in the crib was easy. It was routine. But now it is time to move forward.

I feel that way about my weight loss journey. The easy thing is to give up and give in to old habits. The easy thing is to justify bad choices. The easy thing is to make excuses.

It’s time for me to grow up and stick it out, even though it is hard.

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    I'm glad that it worked! How have the nights been since?

    Change is hard but inevitable for the results we want. He wouldn't want to be sleeping in a crib at 14 and you don't want to weigh the same then either, huh?

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