Stuck in Plateau Hell

Stuck in Plateau Hell

I confess. My weight loss efforts have gone in the garbage over the past month or two.

I’ve slacked on my tracking. I knocked my workouts down to 3-4 days per week instead of 4-6. I’ve been busy. There have been holidays. Weddings. Parties. Could I find some more excuses for you?

The good news is that I’m not really gaining weight. I’ve bounced around losing and gaining the same two pounds for probably about 6 weeks now.

That’s not good enough for me and I’m ready to get serious about reaching my goals.

I’m guessing most who are on a weight loss journey go through the same thing. We come out the gates like a bat out of hell completely immersed in our new lifestyle. We see results. We get excited. However, for some reason, we hit a wall and become complacent. We let the excuses creep in. We get lazy.

Since my bridesmaid days have come to a close and is no longer a motivator, I think it is time that I start some new reasons for my journey and reset my goals.

1. In my last post, it dawned on me that the picture of bouncy-land at the school carnival actually included my ass. I can’t say I’m thrilled with it. I would really like to have no fear of anyone taking ass pictures of me.

2. Now that I am 16 lbs lighter, I can once again enjoy shopping at stores such as The Limited, Loft and Express; however, it would be nice to not always have to go to the back of the rack to find my size.

3. Swimsuit. Nuff said.

I will also reset my series of mini weight loss goals. Let’s face it, I’ve got 45 lbs to go until goal. Daunting. I cannot look at it that way.

July 1: Down 5 (21 lbs lost)
Sep 1: Down 10 (31 lbs lost)
Dec 1: Down 10 (41 lbs lost)
Feb 1: Down 10 (51 lbs lost)
Apr 1: Down 10 (61 lbs lost) GOAL!

So my hope is that I will reach my goal weight a little less than a year from now. I’m sure I will gain momentum in the summer and have to reboot again at some point this fall just like I’m doing right now. It think as long as I keep rebooting, I might actually make it there at some point.

I have to remind myself that my current medication may very well be the cause of my weight loss stall. Looking back at my graph, my plateau started right about when I stared the meds. I will officially be done with them at the end of July, so worst case, I might have to hang out at my current weight for a little while longer.

One thing I can be really proud of is my sticking out the Couch to 5K program. It has really been a great source of workout motivation for me and I am actually starting to enjoy running- from the challenge of it to the awesome endorphins. I can’t believe I just used the words “enjoy” and “running” in the same sentence. Because of the million degree weather earlier this week, I chose to take my training indoors on the treadmill and was surprised at how much I hated it. No trees. No people. No doggie. Just the endless lonely trot. Thank goodness for good tunes along with some serious air-drumming skills.

I would love to hear from you!! Let me know what you do to bust through plateaus.

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    You are so right! We've all hit the wall at some point. I can say "all" with a fair amount of confidence. Let me know if you ever want a running partner! I would LOVE to meet up with someone to run. When you have to use a treadmill, do you still go to LTF? I know that I need to learn to run in the heat since my half is at the end of August…lame! But I just can't stomach it right now.

    Anywho…I think you are an incredible woman Jo! I think there is something very special about realizing that you will need a re-boot every few months.

    Misty you are too sweet! I've avoided signing up for any 5K's this summer because I am afraid to run in the heat. I'm such a wuss 🙂 I'm thinking this fall though- do you know of any good ones? I'd love to do one with you! I have a treadmill at home thankfully that I can jump on in inclement weather. I usually workout at LTF a couple times during the week over lunch and then try to slip in a Group Fitness class in as time permits on evenings and weekends. Hard to do in the summer though with the kiddo going to bed a little later. I love my workouts but treasure my "me downtime" as well.

    I've lost 46 pound and STOPPED. Can't seem to get to that next goal. My weight is yo-yoing up and down 4 pounds. It's been doing that since July. i'm ready to pull my hair out.

    Did you break your plateau?

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