Oh The Frustrations

Oh The Frustrations

Another week of seeing zero results on the scale.

I was hoping that I could defeat the medication side effects. I shook up my workouts. I tracked hard core for the past three weeks. All to no avail. The researcher in me took my frustrations to Dr. Google and low and behold, those taking the same pills while not necessarily gaining weight, was slowing any weight loss.

At my WeightWatchers meeting today I wanted to cry. I appreciate that my leader said, “Well, you aren’t gaining. That is the good news. Sounds like you just need to ride out these meds and you’ll be back to yourself in no time.” I hope she is right. Do you have any idea how hard it is to celebrate everyone’s successes when you have zero yourself? Or how hard it is to see zero results after you have worked your butt off?

I’ll tell you how hard it is. It makes me want to quit. Give up. Throw in the towel. Got any more cliche’s? 

I have about 1 month left on my pills and then we will see if this was indeed the cause of my plateau. Until then… ugh. I will keep truckin’ along.

My husband recently started on his own healthy journey which is incentive for me to keep going. While I love that he has been inspired to get on the healthy train, I also know that his journey will frustrate me. He will likely lose a lot of weight quickly and I’m sure he will waste no time in rubbing it in. Don’t take that the wrong way. He won’t mock me or anything awful like that. He will just celebrate. A lot. He knows that I’ve lost weight and it is driving his competitive side. I am hoping that I will be a good cheerleader instead of wallowing in my own frustrations.

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