Fabulous Friday: Belated 4th of July Edition

Fabulous Friday: Belated 4th of July Edition

I’m a little late for Wordless Wednesday this week so I’m turning it into Fabulous Friday.

Despite the fact that my 4th of July vacation turned out to be slightly less than desirable for me, I still took some pictures and had wonderful photos of my boy sent to me.

On the road. So beautiful.
Taking the truck on the Ferry. Such a strange experience.
My BFF on the Madeline Island Ferry
On the Madeline Island Ferry

Enjoying a cup of coffee and a gorgeous view of the lake
Our quaint Madeline Island cabin

Sunset on Madeline Island

Us ladies knew how to build a mean campfire!

As if I didn’t miss my little boy enough while I was gone…


Playing some hoops w/ his new hoop.

Getting a haircut. Such a big boy.

 Somehow, I mustered up the energy to have my family over to celebrate the 4th. I’m so glad I did. Jack loves his cousins so much and I didn’t want to take away the opportunity for them to spend time together because of me.

Jack and his cousin Miles
Jack with his cousin Miles and his Auntie Jenny waiting for Daddy’s fireworks show.

Just for the record… my pinkeye has been no joke for the past week. I know some people get it all the time and I have to ask HOW on earth could you deal with getting it over and over??? It has been awful. Besides not being able to wear contacts or makeup there is the itch, the pain, the disgusting discharge, eyes pasted shut in the morning and the sheer circus freak look of it all. It is horrible enough to consider become a germophobe because I NEVER want to get this again. To top it off? I got a sinus infection earlier this week. Did I mention my sunburned nose too? Good times… Good times…

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