NKOTBSB- Back In Time

NKOTBSB- Back In Time

The last couple weeks have been rough. A sinus infection that refuses to releases its grasp of agony, an eye infection that is probably one of the worst illnesses I have ever experienced in my life and just a 3 week notice to complete all the marketing and signage for a new location my company is about to open. I was ready for a good time. I DESERVED to go out and have a good time.

I confess. As a 13 year old, I was absolutely over the moon for NKOTB. I had all of their concert videos, posters covering every portion of my wall and a Hangin’ Tough cassette tape beat up by a pink walkman that I played over and over and over again. NKOTB was the first concert I had ever gone to without my parents with me. They were at the Minnesota State Fair and at the time, my aunt lived just right across the street from the main gate. I sat outside on her front step with my “I “heart” NKOTB” sign just hoping that their tour bus would be driving by. That night was such a magical experience. I went to see them again with my older sister (a.k.a. older person with a driver’s license) at the old Met Center (now the home of the MOA). Also a ridiculously fun night. There was something just easy and innocent about that whole time. A time that I am often nostalgic for in my adulthood.

I was excited to see NKOTBSB in concert. I was ready to go back.

No offense to all of the other fantastic shows I have seen over the past few years, but this was one of the most fun concerts that I have ever been to. Just like that, I was transported back to 1988. The only difference was a beer in my hand. And, was it just me or did these guys get HOTTER? Donnie Wahlberg stripping his shirt off. Nuff said. It was definitely no longer a show for 13 year old teeny bopper girls. This act had grown up. I enjoyed Backstreet Boys as well and had my nostalgic Y2K moments where I was getting my dance on at the clubs in college to “Everybody. Backstreet’s Back”. I was totally entertained all night and spent the majority of it on my feet dancing my booty off.

I may endure the rash of teasing from my husband for going to this show for some time to come, but it was soooo worth it.

Me & My Sister. 22 Years Later.
The stage was pretty dope. And yes. Phallic in many ways…

And for the Joey Joe lovers out there… this one is for you.

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