Wordless Wednesday: Cute Tiny People Edition

Wordless Wednesday: Cute Tiny People Edition

Since I have a lot of catch up to do… here is some cute tiny people pics from the last couple of weeks! 
Jack digs the neighbor girl. We are in so much trouble.

Jack thinks the neighbor dog is pretty dope too.

And of course, Jack thinks his mommy is dope.
We also got to meet a beautiful baby this weekend. Welcome to my baby niece Brooklyn Ann! Brooklyn gave her mommy a little struggle coming into the world, so we weren’t able to meet her until she was 5 days old. So, of course, Jack wanted to send a little message to his Auntie & new cousin: 

Me & My Baby Niece Brooklyn

Beautiful Brooklyn

 We’d like to thank Baby Brooklyn because she gave us the excuse we need to officially break Jack of his Nuk habit. He packaged them all up and gave them to her. Of course… one mile out of Rochester and he wanted to go back and get them. But, he survived and even fell asleep in the car without one:

The next day, we took his last remaining Nukkie and brought it to Build-A-Bear to have it stuffed into a monkey.

He of course wanted to open up the monkey and get it out later that night. But even though the temptation of the Nuk was within his grasp, his monkey has definitely become his prized possession:

We are so proud that our little guy no longer needs the Nuk. We have had two glorious nights of sleep with no waking. We plan to enjoy our precious sleep until the next transition comes along and I’m certain there will be one.

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