Date Day At The MN State Fair

Date Day At The MN State Fair

Despite the guilt trip that I took for taking a day off, I have zero regrets. My husband and I have not had much alone time together lately. Between weddings, babies and everything in between, there never seems to be a good time to try and plan a date night. So, by taking today off together, we had a date day!

I have been going to the Minnesota State Fair since I was a tiny tot. There are old pictures of me taken on the big tractors, on the kiddie rides and eating pronto pups. I attended my first ever concert by myself there (NKOTB!) when I was 13. My aunt and uncle lived across the street from the main gate and they parked cars all over their yard for years. My sister and I would hang out on their front steps and people watch all day long (in teenage speak that actually meant BOY watch all day long). I would go with a group of friends to the Midway and go on rides until we felt like puking. We’d eat until our stomachs lurched in agony.

Walking into the main gate gives me such a rush of nostalgia. 30-some years of memories come rushing back. Yes, it is spendy now. Yes, it is crowded. Yes. I LOVE IT.

We decided to go sans kid this year even though we know he would’ve had a blast. My husband and I just really wanted time alone together to be husband and wife rather than mommy and daddy. We had so much fun walking around, people watching, eating and SHOPPING.

We tried the new Breakfast Lollypop:

No. There were no points being counted today. We had coffee and ate mini donuts.

We saw cows:

We saw naughty goats:

We shopped. We bought one of these puppies for Jackson’s 3rd birthday:

We drank:

We laughed at the names of these hot sauces:

We ate cajun fried pickles for lunch:

We had a spectacular day.

No matter how much I may enjoy my job, my family comes first. We desperately needed this time together. Tomorrow, I have my surgery to repair my broken insides. We have been sad about the loss of my fertility but I think after spending time together today and talking it out, we are finally at peace. We are ready to move on and excited about what the future holds for our little family.

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    All I can say about Jack, you've done well, very well. Though my time with him was limited, he makes me laugh like few can and his intelligence absolutely blows me away. Family comes first and you have done an excellent job of doing that. Keep up the awesome work and have fun when you can. I do expect to see a picture of you playing on that fascinating playground sometime soon.

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