What’s the Point of Twitter?

What’s the Point of Twitter?

There seems to be two groups of people: those who Twitter and those who don’t.

I am mildly obsessed with Twitter both personally and professionally. When I first started, I was Tweeting with just a handful of friends and I’ll confess, it took me awhile to buy into it. I was first introduced to it when I was giving birth to Jackson (literally in the delivery room). My husband was “live-tweeting” the birth and I said, “Dude, what the fuck?” He didn’t take pictures or anything National Geographic like that (other than the one of my flipping him off), he was just going through the steps (Yay! She’s dilated to 7 and somehow still passed out!) and trying to pass the time while I was fast asleep in my epidural bliss.

When I was home and cable-less for the first three weeks of my maternity leave (and on bed rest because of an infection… seriously…) I needed to find something to pass the time. Twitter became the perfect time sucker I was looking for and when I got my iPhone? Time wasting heaven.

From the group of “Those who don’t Twitter,” I always get asked the question, “But, WHY? I just don’t get the point. I don’t need to know what a perfect stranger had for breakfast.” This is where I roll my eyes in annoyance because those of you who DO TWITTER know that it is about so much more than that.

NEWS: I get my news and weather from Twitter. Once all of the local news channels jumped on board, I no longer really needed to follow their RSS feed as important breaking news stories are broadcasted directly to Twitter. I always seem to know what is going on long before anyone else.

DEALS: I have won so many contests through Twitter. Especially in the earlier days before other people caught on to the madness, chances of winning were pretty good! Many businesses also post daily Twitter deals- I have saved tons of cash by shopping via Twitter.

ADVICE: When my kid won’t take his medicine or won’t go to bed without screaming for an hour, I go to my Mom/Dad Tweeps for advice. I instantly receive replies with great, useful advice. Professionally speaking, I have been able to go to the expert marketing Tweeps for recommendations, tips and even referrals.

NETWORKING: While I have only met one Tweep in real life (an industry guy who came to speak at a conference I was attending), I have been able connect with a number of people who are a wealth of information both personally and professionally. Personally, I have connections with a number of amazing moms whose humor and experiences scream to me: YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS! I was also able to connect with a number of awesome people to help me through my weight loss journey- all of us in the same boat, going through the journey together. How awesome is it to have so many resources at your fingertips to help keep you motivated? Professionally, I have been able to connect with both industry folks as well as other brilliant marketers who are just filled with innovative ideas and inspiration.

I love being a part of the Twitter revolution. A part of a conversation with millions of extremely cool people. I am picky about who I follow. There are plenty of Tweeters out there who annoy me (that may be a rant for another day). Those who are willing to have a conversation with me and others are the ones I am most interested in. Okay, and those who are able to hook me up with some cool shit are at the top of my list too.

My company is not interested in any aspects of Social Media and it drives me crazy. I have been very vocal about it (yes, even on the job). While some of my leadership is softening to the idea of it, many have met me in battle with fierce resistance. As a marketer, I am frustrated and baffled that they will not allow me to represent our business in the SM arena not to mention BLOCK me from all of it. I am passionate about the importance of businesses (especially those who have customers to serve) to be a part of the conversation. To have presence. To be LISTENING. On a daily basis, I feel like we are missing the boat and all I can do is walk away with my tail between my legs and shake my head in confusion. Those who are unwilling to evolve in this new world of marketing, will likely be left behind.

It is no secret that Twitter and SM as a whole is something I am extremely passionate about. It doesn’t fully consume me- I know when it is time to unplug which is why you won’t see many blog posts or Tweets from me on the weekend. To those of you in the “don’t” group, don’t judge it until you give it a try!

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