Wordless Wednesday: Mommy/Son Day

Wordless Wednesday: Mommy/Son Day

I work for a financial institution and we get strange holidays off such as Columbus Day. Last year, Jackson’s daycare decided that is the perfect day to schedule professional development day for their staff and close it down as well. So much for a random day off to myself. So last year, we implemented Mommy/Son day at the Zoo. Typically a mix of other government working parents whose employers follow the federal holiday listing and the usual mix of SAHM’s, it is the perfect day to go as the crowds are light. It was a GREAT day.

So awesome that the tigers were roaming around.
My feet won’t reach Mom!
Hi, Mr. Sheep (his exact words)
Another big tractor to drive.
Hi, Mr. Bunny
Hmmmm… Do I like the green ones?
The big copper turtle. He didn’t need my help this year climbing on.
The perfect day together.

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