2012: The New Year Is Here

2012: The New Year Is Here

I am excited for the new year! 2011 was a downer in many ways and I’m ready to move on and move forward.

2012 could turn out to be very interesting… My husband has been itching to get out of his current job and into something new and exciting. There are several roads a new job could lead him down: ones that will offer stability and promotion down the road and ones that would require extensive travel but be lucrative enough to allow me to become a stay at home mom (SAHM). We have had several conversations about his job opportunities and my only hesitation with the travel-related positions was how crazy it would make my life with trying to be both mom and working full-time. My job isn’t as flexible as it once was and I’m not sure I could make it work. At least make it work and keep my sanity.

I’ll admit, I find myself getting very excited about the prospect of being able to become a SAHM. It used to scare me to think about jumping ship from my career but the more I find myself daydreaming about being around for my son, the more appealing it is.

  • I would be able to send him to half day Kindergarten close to our house (just a short 2 years away!!). 
  • I could be home for him when he gets off the bus. 
  • We would have more time for activities, lessons and sports. 
  • I would always be there for him when he’s sick and needs to go to the doctor. 
  • I would never miss a school play. 
  • I could volunteer at his school and go on field trips. 
  • I could get back into music and maybe even join the church choir. 
  • We would have our summers free to go swimming or to the cabin whenever we want. 
  • I wouldn’t have to worry about running out of PTO.
  • My house would be clean. 
  • I would keep the finances in order. 
  • I could actually work on my health & fitness goals. 
  • No more work politics and stress.

Okay. So my expectations may be a little high (as you current SAHM’s roll in laughter at my pie in the sky vision). However, my husband challenged me to come up with a plan for what my days would look like, so, I did. It is all still in the dream phase. What happens if it doesn’t come true? I’m good with my job. I’ll continue working and we will maintain the status quo. We have a nice little thing going with our little family and it all seems to work.

Regardless of what happens, I will continue to keep a positive spirit flowing into 2012. I won’t let health issues control my life. I will continue working towards my weight loss goals and would like to make my WeightWatchers Lifetime goal before the end of 2012. I will continue running and plan to run another 5K in 2012. I want to take a family vacation. I resolve to spend more married time with my husband and trust more people into our home to babysit. I want to get Jack into more activities and open myself up to making some new mom friends in my neighborhood. I am hoping to renew my relationship with the church and really want to make an effort to start going this year on a regular basis- church was an important part of my childhood and I want it to be a part of my son’s life as well.

That is a shit ton of resolutions. Will I meet them all? Nope, probably not, but I will certainly give it a try!

I am looking forward to an awesome 2012!

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    I know you don't "know" me, but I stopped by to say that I think your goals for 2012 rock! Your expectations of what you'll accomplish as a SAHM are not that far off, either- it's a hard job, but you will accomplish a lot, and it's a "job" that is SO much more rewarding than any corporate one I ever had.

    If you become a stay-at-home mom, I'd love to meet you in person over a quick cup of coffee (if you want to, that is). We SAHM's will have to stick together, and you seem like a lot of fun.

    Best of luck for all good things to come your way in this New Year.

    Hi, Jen- Thanks so much for your comment and for your support!! We've been batting around the SAHM thing for a long time. Pretty sure if it doesn't happen this year, it will happen by the time the kidlet is in Kindergarten. So, WHEN it happens I will definitely reach out to you for that cup of coffee! Hope you have a great 2012 as well!

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