A New Era: Strep Throat

A New Era: Strep Throat

And so it begins… The strep throat era.

I knew it would come. Both my husband and I suffered through that era as children. I was hoping we wouldn’t have to relive the agony.

I was wrong.

We knew when Jack started coughing a week and a half ago that something was up. However, he was still our happy-go-lucky guy and had no fever, so we didn’t sweat it. A week ago Wednesday the fever began and didn’t stop for 6 days. There was a notice on the door to his classroom of pneumonia and it was the first thought that came to mind. So that evening, we brought him into the doctor, had x-rays done and to my surprise, no pneumonia. We were placed into the “watchful waiting” category as he had no visible signs of infection from his lungs or ears. All this followed by the most horrific night’s sleep we’ve had since who knows when. By Friday, with a fever still raging, my husband insisted on bringing him in again as he seemed to be getting worse. The doctor said his ears and lungs and both were clear, but his “tonsils looked large and bumpy”. Again. Sent on our way to ride it out. The weekend went on and Jack’s fever dropped but was still hovering in the 99-100 range. So we took a chance and brought him to daycare on Monday.

Big mistake.

By noon, we had gotten a call that Jack’s fever was 100.8 (insert eye roll just as most doctors do for this temp) and he was complaining that both his ears were hurting. When I arrived at school after rushing around frantically to get out of work, he was peacefully napping. Any parent knows… it really sucks to wake your kid up (not to mention the 5 other sweetly sleeping preschoolers napping around him). He was in a haze and he was pissed. I attempted to get him out without waking the others and he cried all the way home. He was calling me Mama which he never calls me so I knew he was in agony. Meanwhile, my husband who was fed up with Jack’s lingering illness, called the nurse line at our peds clinic. They thought we should bring him in for a strep test just to rule it out.

No more than 5 minutes after the throat culture, the nurse came out and told us his test was a big fat positive. Strep. We have been struggling with oral antibiotics with him for some time and when they offered a shot of amoxicillin in place of oral antibiotics, we took it. Yes, it is horrific seeing your child in pain but is the 5 minute pain of a shot any worse than the agony of shoving antibiotics down his throat (literally… that’s what it has come to)? If you’ve been barfed on because of forcing antibiotics down your kid’s throat then you know what I’m talking about. I am pissed that the doctor on Friday didn’t give him a throat culture. You have a kid with large, bumpy tonsils complaining of a sore throat and has a fever, isn’t it even worth a try? I feel like all of this mayhem could’ve been avoided and I will admit, I’m more than a little pissed off about it.

My friends, you know strep. You probably had it as a kid. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. The husband and I started feeling symptoms over the weekend and when Jack’s test came back positive, we promptly made appointments at our big people clinic. Both positive as well and sent on our merry way to be quarantined for the next 24 hours.

I am hoping over time that our bodies will build up immunity to it because let me tell you. It sucked. Agony. Not sure if vicodin would have worked on that type of pain, but I seriously considered taking a couple leftovers from my surgery last summer. Oh yes, we have been enjoying the sledgehammer bashing headaches, the raging sore throats, the fevers and exhaustion beyond compare. Officially on day 3, I am feeling better but not 100%. I am no longer contagious even though everyone is standing far away from me (rightfully so). I have kind of been daydreaming about what a nap would feel like at this particular point in time.

We had a good long run without any illness and I shouldn’t really be complaining, so I apologize for the whining. Yet, I am pondering what childhood illnesses I have yet to be re-plauged with. I already got the sinus infections, pink eye and strep on my list. Any I’m missing here?

Just one of the many pleasures of having kids. But you know what? Despite my whining, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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