The Inspiration of Whitney

The Inspiration of Whitney

I wasn’t more than 10 or 11 years old the first time I really “heard” Whitney. I distinctly remember me and my best friend putting the Whitney cassette tape in the boombox and cranking “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” as loud as it could possibly go.

We danced. We sang.

With a hairbrush in my hand and my bed as my stage, I sang all of her songs from the top of my lungs. She made me want to sing. Her music truly represented my teen years. The fun. The heartache. I even remember who I was on a date with when I went to see The Bodyguard. I auditioned for a talent show singing “One Moment In Time.” To say that I was inspired by Whitney’s music is an understatement.

It seems a nearly constant that we hear of celebrity deaths. I am a bit numb to it in this modern day of media. However, Whitney’s death saddened me. I wanted so much for her to make a comeback. I wanted to hear her voice on the radio again. No other artist’s talent and music meant more to me.

I pray for peace and healing for her family. I hope she knows that her music truly will live on forever.

Need I say more?

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