I Smell Change

I Smell Change

That’s right.

I smell it.

Change is in the air.

In a week and a half, my husband is starting a new job. He is excited and I am excited for him. It is a smaller company, better pay and NO MORE PAGERS. If you are a techie wife, you get where I am coming from. No more calls at 2:30 in the morning because his system went down. Despite these awesome things to come for him, there is always that transition period when starting a new job though where you feel like you are walking a little on thin ice. He won’t be able to be home with Jack if he gets sick again (90 day no vacation policy after starting) and will probably be a little while until we see the flexible schedule for him again.

I have also made some decisions as far as my career versus being a SAHM. More to come on that front but there are exciting things cooking for me as well.

Probably the most important change that has happened for me is the change in my body. I’ve hesitated to talk about my Medifast experience as I got FLAMED pretty hard for jumping off the Weight Watchers wagon. Probably the most distressing comment I got was that the Medifast food was disgusting and I would just gain all the weight back anyway. Wow. Thanks for the support. Therefore, I have been a little shy about sharing my journey.

I am done justifying my reasons for changing programs. I will say this: it is the only weight loss program I have been on that keeps me completely honest. It is one of THE hardest programs I have ever done. Do I get hungry sometimes? Yes. Do I like all the food? Nope. Do I miss real food? Hell yes.


Since I started Medifast on January 11:

  • I have lost 14.3 lbs for a total loss of 34.3 lbs since starting my healthiness journey in January 2011
  • I went from a BMI of 32 to 29 and am no longer considered “obese”
  • I went from a size 14 to a size 10 (12 depending on the designer…)

I have just 24 lbs left to lose. Compared to the daunting 60 to lose that was staring me down a year ago, my motivation to reach my goal is absolutely soaring.

Like any other program, I have had to get creative with the food I am able to eat. There are ways to modify the Medifast meals to taste a little better and even be a little more filling. There are also a ton of options for Lean and Green meals beyond a piece of meat and a salad. No matter how badly or how powerful the temptation is to cheat, I refuse to give in. This is just a short period of my life to sacrifice for the long term good of my health. No, that doesn’t mean I’ll run the Buffalo Wild Wings the first chance I get when I am done with the program. I will always have to watch what I eat. I will always have to exercise. Those things won’t change. The only difference is: I will be at my healthy goal weight.

So yes, my friends. I smell change. Good change. Positive change. Happy change.

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