Fabulous Friday: Revelations

Fabulous Friday: Revelations

Okay. So today isn’t necessarily fabulous but I’m trying to stay positive.

It has been a crazy week in that I have had quite a few revelations.

1. I may have been wearing corrective lenses for the last 23 years and not actually needing them.
2. I have lost 37 pounds. I am in dire need of a new wardrobe.
3. Sometimes it is okay to not explain everything to your child.

Let me explain…

I may have been wearing corrective lenses for the last 23 years and not actually needing them
I went to the eye doctor on Tuesday for my annual check up and to put my order in for another year’s worth of contact lenses. To my shock, he said that my vision is 20/20. Um. If my vision is 20/20 then why is everything so blurry and why have doctors been giving me glasses for the past 23 years? He believes that I have a condition called ocular rosacea. While I have a mild case of rosacea in my skin, I had no idea that it can affect your vision causing dry eye and blurriness. So, we are currently attempting to treat the rosacea with antibiotics and I am to go without wearing any contacts or glasses for the next 6 weeks to see if my vision improves. This is CRAZY to me. I was planning to get Lasik next year. Talk about saving myself thousands of dollars if this treatment works!!

I have lost 37 pounds. I am in dire need of a new wardrobe.

In the Dressing Room

It is no secret that I have been losing weight. Officially 37.3 pounds in the last year. I am 24 pounds from my goal weight. This is mind boggling for me. I FEEL AWESOME and the confidence that comes with knowing you look awesome too? Amazing. I am attending an Oscar party event this Sunday and my table’s theme is “The Help” and yes that includes props and costumes. There will be a few maids and I will be dressing as one of the southern belles (think Jessica Chastain’s character). In my hunt for a dress, I went into H & M to see what I could find, keeping in mind I have NEVER been able to fit into H & M’s clothing so I usually avoided it. Not only did the clothing fit, but the bigger sizes were by far too big. The perfect dress I bought is too big (but it is perfect so I had to get it) and will need to be cinched with a belt so it doesn’t look like a tent. I have been trying to hold off on buying new clothes but I really am starting to get to the point where my clothes are not wearable- even with a belt. I just can’t believe how I look. I could not be any happier with my progress and am so thankful that I decided to make the switch to Medifast! Just 6 more weeks and I should be at my goal!! 

Sometimes it is okay to not explain everything to your child.

Me & My Drama King

For 3.5 years, we have been running a cool mist humidifier in Jack’s room basically for the white noise element (and this thing is hella noisy). Well… this thing has run its course. Besides not being able to buy the filters for it anymore, I’m pretty sure the motor on it is about to break down. So, I bought the Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine to replace the nasty humidifier. I made the enormous mistake of telling Jack all about it and what it does. What happened? Well… of course he was scared of the new white noise sound and wouldn’t go to sleep last night. I put the old humidifier back in and that scared him too- he said the light on it was a giant blue eye that was angry at him and was going to break all over the place (how does he come up with this stuff???). He then asked me to turn the new one back on (*sigh* *deep breaths*). I waited in his room for him to fall asleep, afraid that if I walked away he would be scared and we would have to start the process all over. He actually slept well all night other than a brief wakeup somewhere around 4am that could have been a number of things (all of them not related to the new sound machine). Where is the lesson here? Had I just plugged the thing in, maybe hid it behind the old humidifier and never said a word about it, he would have never known the difference and this whole dramatic episode could have been avoided.

To top off the night, cue my husband coming home last night from his “going away” happy hour and the first thing out of his mouth was “Empty the dishwasher.” Following my 2 hours of trying to get the kid to go to sleep, I’m pretty sure that was about the final straw. I’m also sure if looks could kill, my husband would have been a bloody mess on the floor.

Can we just start the weekend now?

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