Kids. Sports. Choices.

Kids. Sports. Choices.

I can hardly believe that my child is going to turn 4 this year. The older he gets, the more we start to discuss what types of activities we would like for him to be involved in (or rather, what types of activities we THINK he’d like to be involved in). We watch him closely and know that our child is nutzo active. When he nailed a line drive over the fence in our yard, we were pretty certain that he will be a ball player someday and we hope to start him in T-Ball next summer.

One important thing we are trying to keep in mind: no matter how many activities we have Jackson try, we will not force him to do anything he doesn’t want to do. If he decides that sports are just not his thing and he’d rather be a band geek, then that will be up to him. There’s nothing worse than watching a kid being forced to participate in a sport that they are either not good at whatsoever or that they do not like.

While I secretly have my heart set on my son becoming a hockey player someday (stemming from years of following my hockey player brother around from arena to arena as a kid), I think my husband would like to see him be a swimmer like he was. Judging from Jack’s first ever swimming lesson, despite some reservations to putting his head under the water, he was kind of a natural:

His swim school costs mega bucks but is worth ever penny. Super personalized attention made us feel safe with him being in the water without us and his teacher… wow. She rocked. I loved how they made us feel really important on our first day. The staff showed us around, gave us some good tips for making clothing changes and transitions easy and even came up to us during the lesson to see how things were going and to cheer Jackson on. It was a WONDERFUL experience for all of us and we will continue to do lessons at this school for many years to come!

So proud of my little fish!

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