Fabulous Fit Friday: It’s Race Day!

Fabulous Fit Friday: It’s Race Day!

I am revved up and ready to go today.

It’s FINALLY here! Race day!

I know for many runners, this is just a wee little 5K. For me, it’s a big deal. Not only is running a continuous challenge for me as a whole but training for this 5K has been a key part of my weight loss over the past 4 months. I am very proud of what I have been able to accomplish and this race is sort of the pinnacle to my success. It is my finish line.

While I still have a remaining stubborn 9.5 lbs to lose, I will be taking a little break from running to focus on other aspects of cardio and weight training. As much as I have enjoyed the challenge of running, I am also excited to get back doing the other things I love such as Group Fitness (Step, Zumba, Kickboxing) and weight training. I have been asked a lot why I haven’t been doing those things anyway and the truth is that my cardio is somewhat limited on the Medifast diet, so my focus had to be on my running training. It’s not to say that I won’t go on a run every now and then but it is time to put that gym membership back to work.

What is my goal for the race tonight? For awhile I was very time focused- I wanted to be able to do the 5K in 35 minutes or less. At this point, I’m not going to worry about how long it will take. I want to be able to RUN the whole 3 miles with no walking. If I can do that, then I will have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

Off the subject of my 5K, I have a pretty big NSV: I am dropping my wedding ring off to officially be resized. Yes this is a picture of my hand with the ring on my middle finger as it is no longer safe to wear on my ring finger. I have come a loooooooooong way- about two months after giving birth to Jack, I tried to wear my ring and… it got stuck. I ended up in the ER and the ring had to be cut off. Not only was the mortifying but I had to sever my precious ring! There is a picture somewhere out there of my bloated finger that my oh so hilarious husband took… If I locate it, I will let you know (maybe).

Speaking of NSV’s: my sister-in-law said she didn’t recognize me in this picture of me with my Godson, Connor:

I look forward to posting pictures (and yes, a little before and after fun!) and results from the 5K. Meanwhile, I’ll be looking forward to your cheers (and jeers?) from Facebook and Twitter during my run!

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