Fabulous Fit Friday: Birthday Weekend

Fabulous Fit Friday: Birthday Weekend

So this weekend begins my birthday weekend. My birthday is actually on Tuesday, but who celebrates their birthday on a Tuesday? Thus, the celebrating will begin early.

I’m telling everyone that I’m turning 35 for the 2nd time. I mean… do you even really remember how old you are after 35?

I told my husband that I didn’t want him to get me anything and I actually did mean it. Why? Well, being so close to goal, I have already spent a small fortune on new clothes (and a new Coach tote may or may not have been included in those purchases. Shhhh.). FYI, one of the best gifts of all was fitting into and buying a size 8 suit today.

Besides, what I really want more than anything for my birthday is to have a date night. Despite the fact that I had to set it up (ahem), next Saturday, my mother-in-law is coming up to watch the kiddo and we are heading out to dinner and sitting VIP at The Avengers. Yeah, yeah… we’re seeing a dude flick. I am aware of this and yes, it makes me a really awesome wife. Again, I really want to spend time together and I know he was aching to see this movie. Plus we get to drink booze sitting in the VIP section at the theater. Score, right?

Saturday, I will be going out with my two best girlfriends for some sushi, live music and some piano bar singin’ at Nye’s Polonaise Room. Sunday is my family day. We are heading to the MN Zoo to check out the Farm Babies and then having dinner with my parents later that evening at Burger Jones. The kiddo happens to have swim on Tuesday night, so really, I will probably be celebrating and basking in the quiet in my house while the boys are out. I will be savoring every moment of it.

I was bitching early this week about how birthdays are so disappointing. You get your hopes up and then usually get dropped down. Then I realized what a horrifically negative statement that is. My birthday is only what I make of it. I will be gloriously spending time with my family and friends, getting pinged on Facebook all day and you know what? That is more than good enough for me.

The only thing dragging down my fun is having to remember to make decent choices with my food and drink. I will have a salad & small sushi roll with my friends and I’m sure a few glasses of wine to round out the night, I’m having the Tiny Tummy Tatanka (Lean ground buffalo on a 100% natural multigrain thin bun with
lettuce, tomato and onion. Only 7 points on a popular diet plan) at Burger Jones with field greens and balsamic vinaigrette (MAYBE a mason jar cocktail) and with the hubby I will enjoy beef tenderloin with vegetables.

Doesn’t sound THAT bad does it? Despite my sour face at HAVING to make healthy choices, the food is also so much more delicious than I think it will be and I never feel like I’m missing out on the naughty stuff.

Happy Birthday Weekend to ME! 

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