Motivation Monday: Choose Happy

Motivation Monday: Choose Happy

Yup. It’s my birthday week. I can run (and I have) but I can’t hide. So this week, I’m going to choose happy.

I confess. I’ve been a bit of a negative nelly. Between job interviews and life in general, frankly my outlook has sucked. When a couple friends blew off my birthday dinner, instead of looking at the bright side I bitched and moaned about it. I was heading out to the restaurant with my two dearest friends and I realized that, “I’M HEADING OUT TO THE RESTAURANT WITH MY TWO DEAREST FRIENDS.” What more could I want? It was a wonderful night and I had so much fun catching up with my ladies. I chose happy.

While there was nothing I could do about my exhaustion yesterday (coming home at 2:30am will do that to a mama), I didn’t complain about it. I had a great day with my family at the Zoo and even got some preschooler cuddle time which happens so rarely nowadays. Worried about how many horrific choices I was going to make at Burger Jones last night, I stuck to my plan and ordered their Tiny Tummy Tatanka (buffalo burger) and side field greens salad with balsamic vinaigrette and splurged a little on a beer and just a taste of their excellent fries. I feel good about my choices. I chose happy.

Today was my InBody scan at Medifast. Let’s face it. I drank much more alcohol than usual over the weekend. I am plagued with woman issues today. I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be a good scan. Negative nelly strikes again. Hanging my head, I walked in to my weekly weigh in and to my surprise:

TODAY’S WEIGH IN: 157.9 (7.9 left until goal!)
I lost 1.1 pounds for a total of 30.4 pounds lost since January
I’ve lost a total of 50.4 pounds since January 2011. 
I gained 2 lbs of muscle in the last month (this is a good thing and explains slow scale movement)
My BMI has gone from a 32.3 down to 27
My PBF (Percentage of Body Fat) has gone from 38.5 to 28
I have lost 4 inches for a total of 16 since January 
I am 12.1 pounds UNDER what my driver’s license says (a first in my lifetime)
I have been struggling with how slow the weight has been coming off because I’m almost to my goal and I am more than ready to be done eating Medifast meals. As much as I hate dwelling on the scale number, graduating from Medifast means having to reach my goal weight. I have been frustrated. Going through today’s scan I got a different perspective. There has been progress in other ways that I have ignored: I gained muscle and I lost inches (3 of the 4 inches I lost came from my abs!). As my counselor said today, “Great job. You should be proud.” Of course I need to be continually conscious of my food choices and I can’t let up on my activity- with that in my arsenal, I will make 150 lbs. I am CHOOSING happy.
My goal this week is to stay entirely on plan. No cheats this week. None. I am also going to get back into the gym to do my workouts. There is something energizing and motivating about being amongst other people working out and I think it will help me to keep my fitness on track.
Time to catch myself in the act of negativity and squash it before it even starts. So my biggest goal this week: 
How are you choosing to stay motivated this week?

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